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The Guides Axiom Walkthrough: Cheats & Solutions for Levels 1-20

Want a puzzle game that forces you to think out of the box and then some? You might want to try Kevin Bradford’s new Android and iOS puzzle game, The Guides Axiom. This is a follow-up to “one of Google Play’s #1 puzzle games,” and it comes with new codes and puzzles, as well as new interactive tools that will conspire to tease your brain and see how well you think of unusual, yet correct solutions to mind-boggling problems. Bradford himself warns that the game could be a little too much for you to solve — the puzzles, as he says, aren’t easy, but they all help lead you to the ultimate goal of the game, which is to “unravel the enigma of The Guides Axiom.”

It’s not always easy trying to wing it when playing games like this. But with the help of our The Guides Axiom walkthrough, you’ll be breezing through the puzzles — assuming you read it from top to bottom, which we often discourage. Be sure to check this walkthrough if anything isn’t clear or a level is too much to you to solve, as we’ve diligently solved the first 20 levels of this game. This is a beginner’s guide of sorts, but be sure to check back regularly if you need help a little further on in the game.

Level 1

Tap the circle you see in the middle of the screen.

Level 2

Tap the three circles simultaneously.

Level 3

Tap on all of the circles in order to turn them brown.

Level 4

Tap the dots you see at the bottom, and write down the word “Input” that gets revealed by the circles.

Level 5

Tap the red circles, which will then reveal the number 14454. Like you did in the above level, write the number at the bottom of the screen.

Level 6

Tap “Input User Codename,” and enter any name you wish to serve as your codename.

Level 7

This is where things get a little more complicated. For this level, tap the buttons you see on top of the screen, making sure that the white dots inside the circles line up with the white dots outside.

Level 8

Going back to the access code that was revealed in level 5, tap the buttons on top of the screen so that you get the number 14454.

Level 9

This level also appears to be complicated, but all you have to do here is to tap on the circles surrounded by red dots, so that they match the numbers 1 or 0.

Level 10

Go to the bottom of your screen and tap the Decode button. After this, tap on the three dots located above the keyboard. That will pull up a new window, where you need to write the code on top of the screen, which is 01110111 01100001 01101001 01110100. Tap on Submit once you’re done.

You may be thrown off when you see the word “Wait” after hitting on Submit. We can’t blame you if you literally decided to wait, but the truth is that the word “Wait” is your code. With that in mind, tap on the top portion of your screen to exit the decoding menu, tap the Decode button on the bottom of the screen, and write the word “Wait.” Hit on Submit again to finish the level.

Level 11

Continue on to the next level by typing the word “Node” as seen on the topmost bar.

Level 12

Hit the Activate button found on top. Doing this will allow you to choose specific levels in the game.

Level 13

There’s a purpose for the ability to return to specific levels, and you’ll find that out at level 13. Go back to level 9, tap on the dots at the bottom, then tap on the three dots to launch the decoding menu. Take note of the numbers, enter the word Inverted, and hit Submit. Decoding “Inverted” will get you the code “Vertical,” which you can then type and submit.

Level 14

Take the letters highlighted on the piece of paper — you’ll notice that they form the word “Pause,” which you should then type in the text box.

Level 15

Tap on the dots found on the bottom right corner, then go next to the camera icon and tap it. That will allow you to take a photo within the game, which will show the word “Save.” That’s your code word, which you can then type into the text box and submit.

Level 16

And we’ve got yet another decoding exercise. For this one, type the numbers 01100101 01100011 01101000 01101111, as you see them at the bottom of the photo. That will reveal the code word Echo. Type it, submit it, and you’re good to go.

Level 17

Return to level 16 to use the in-game camera to take another photo. Tap on the photo and take a look at the highlighted part of the image — that’s your level 17 code, and it will also show you how to tap on the dots on the upper right portion. There’s also a word “Proposal” which you can enter into the decoder. You will still get the exact same word, and we think this may come in handy later on in the game.

Level 18

You’ll arrive at level 18 after you tap on the dots as specified. Entering the code in the decoding tool will reveal the word “Hint.” Enter the code word and hit Submit.

Level 19

It might not be obvious right away, but some of the letters in this level have dots underneath them. They form the word “Integrated,” which is the code word for you to submit to move on to the next level.

Level 20

Look for the letters that form the word “Trial” as they appear from top to bottom. Enter the word in the text box, tap on Submit, and you’ve completed the level.