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Terminator: Dark Fate – The Game Coming to Mobile on November 1

Following in the footsteps of many recent sci-fi films, Terminator is coming out with a game of its own as a tie-in to its upcoming film. Terminator: Dark Fate – The Game is a mobile MMO that allows players to assemble their own teams and battle against the evil machines. The game is set to come out on November 1, the same day as the movie launch.

terminator dark fate the game

Terminator: Dark Fate – The Game is a collaboration between Camel Games, Skydance Media, and Firefly Games. While the game has its own story, players will cross paths with several characters from the film throughout their journey. Firefly Games CEO Michael Zhang promises a lot of ongoing content for the game in the future.

Terminator: Dark Fate – The Game is partly a base-building game. Players get to assemble their team of Resistance fighters, level them up, and strengthen them. They will also need to build up their base and research new technologies. Alliances may be forged between players in order to defend more effectively against machine invaders.

While the game will be free-to-play, there will be in-app purchases for Terminator: Dark Fate. Players may spend real money to purchase resources, energy, upgrades, skin, buffs and more. Free players will still be able compete, though, as the game promises plenty of rewards for active members of the community.

As we mentioned earlier, Terminator: Dark Fate – The Game is expected to be released on November 1 and will be available through the App Store and Google Play.