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Tap Tycoon – Country vs County Strategy Guide: How to Earn Free Diamonds

For the past several days, Tap Tycoon – Country vs Country has been a primary focus of ours. And it’s no wonder why – this is a very addictive clicker game that’s similar in a way to AdVenture Capitalist and others that allow you to become richer than you’ve ever imagined (in-game, naturally) simply by clicking and clicking. The unique mechanic here, as we explained previously, is the country vs country war, where you can represent your home country in “wars,” deploying soldiers once you’ve reached a certain amount of money and performed the action of prestige-ing.

This game, as we’ve also discussed, comes with two forms of currency, cash, which is the main currency, and diamonds, which serve as the premium currency. And if you’ve been wondering how you can get more diamonds for free, this Tap Tycoon – Country vs Country strategy guide will help you with that.

1. Open The Fairy Bonuses

This is the easiest and most common way in which you can earn free diamonds – look out for the fairy bonuses and open them. These bonuses can contain a number of things – it could be cash, it could be power-ups, but more importantly, it could be diamonds. Sometimes, you’ll only get one diamond, while others may ask you to watch an ad video for five diamonds, also free of charge. As long as you’re clicking on the bonuses and opening them, you’ve got a chance of free diamonds.

2. Complete Those Achievements

We would say that this is another great way to get free diamonds, and fast. Tap on the red ribbon button to check a list of achievements that you haven’t completed yet. An achievement that has an exclamation mark beside it means you can go ahead and collect your reward, as it’s already been completed.

3. Use Social Media To Your Advantage

This is a very easy way to get free diamonds, though it isn’t always the most popular way to do so. If you go to the shop, you can scroll past the list of available items and hit the button to follow Tap Tycoon on Twitter or like it on Facebook. You can do one of those or both to get 25 free diamonds each. It’s as easy as that, and it won’t post to your Facebook or Twitter accounts, if you’re the type who wants to keep your gaming activity private.

4. Focus On Prestige

Yes, it’s that word again, that word that allows you to take part in the wars. Once you’re able to do so, you’ll want to prestige as often as you could, as that would typically allow you to level up faster and gain more experience. Every time you reach a new experience level in the game, you’ll be rewarded with free diamonds. However, if you already reached a certain experience level before prestige-ing, you won’t get bonus diamonds for returning to that level.

5. How To Spend Your Diamonds Wisely

Last, but not least, it’s also important that you hang on to your diamonds and don’t use them on anything frivolous, such as temporary bonuses. Instead, you want to spend your diamonds on tech cards, for instance, that give you permanent bonuses.