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Tap Tycoon – Country vs Country Guide & Tips: How to Earn Prestige Points and Get More Tech Cards

Recently, we featured Tap Tycoon a new casual tapper from Game Hive that offers a lot of twists on similar games like AdVenture Capitalist and others. It’s the sequel to Tap Titans, again available for Android and iOS devices, and its selling points include being the “world’s first country vs country incremental” game, as well as the fact that it takes place in the 35th century. That means you will get to invest in a lot of futuristic things that simply aren’t available in the present day, or probably won’t be available even a couple hundred years from now. Essentially, you’re tapping for world domination.

Two very important aspects of the game are Tech Cards, which we talked about in brief previously, as well as Tap Tycoon Prestige, which also covered briefly, but not in great detail. Fortunately, our new Tap Tycoon strategy guide has both topics well-covered, and should serve as a way to help you garner more Prestige and gather more Tech Cards, as well as answer anything you had unanswered from our first guide.

1. The Basics Of Prestige

Prestige is often used as a verb in the world of Tap Tycoon, and you can start Prestige-ing once you reach 20 trillion in cash. When you Prestige, that allows you to reset all your progress in the game and start from square one. But what’s the rationale behind this, and why should you Prestige when that’s going to reset everything?

Prestige-ing is important because that allows you to send some soldiers to represent your country in the weekly Wars. And winning will be all about who has the most soldiers – very simple, isn’t it? Winning a war allows you to get some nice bonuses, particularly those that can improve your profits.

Apart from winning wars and earning bonuses, Prestige-ing will get you a Prestige Bonus, which allows you some general performance upgrades, while allowing you to complete certain tasks faster. For instance, it may take you a good one hour to upgrade your hotel to Level 10 in the first play-through, but it’s going to take you half of that, or even a quarter of that if you Prestige. In other words, Prestige-ing makes things easier and faster.

2. When Should You Prestige?

This is a very good question that may require some in-depth explanation, but we’ll try to keep it as short and simple as possible. For starters, it’s a good idea to Prestige just at the time you’ve got the most Prestige points, but not especially delayed. You want to ensure a balance between number of points and best timing; waiting too long before Prestige-ing could cost you some money.

Here’s a simple way to go about Prestige-ing; many have suggested that you should wait till you reach at least 50 percent more than the last Prestige amount before Prestige-ing. And here’s a simpler application, though you might want to have a calculator with you. Assuming you had first Prestige-d at $30 trillion, you should do the next one at $45 trillion, and the next one at $67.5 trillion. Or better yet, $90 trillion would be a good time to Prestige at that point. Even easier than that is the option to Prestige every two days; whatever works for you the best, always remember that Prestige-ing is important.

3. How To Get More Tech Cards?

Tech Cards are this game’s way of helping you earn bonuses and perks, and the easiest way to get more Tech Cards is to spend 200 diamonds, or the game’s premium currency. It could take a while to gather free diamonds, but if you do not spend them on anything else, you’ll have enough to invest in Tech Cards before you know it. Once you’ve got 200 Diamonds, you can spend them in Tech Cards, and continue doing so once you’ve reached a multiple of 200 Diamonds, or reach 200, period.

It’s also possible to get Tech Cards as a first-time gift when you Prestige for the initial time; we would guess that your pre-Prestige value would determine the number of Tech Cards you’ll get. Completing wars can also get this done, and as a reminder, you’ll have a better chance of winning a war if you’re active, and send a lot of soldiers out to battle. More methods to get Tech Cards should be made available soon, if you find those strategies a bit too limited for your liking.