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Tap Tap Dig Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Earn More Gold

Tap Tap Dig is a new idle clicker game available for iOS and Android devices in which players are expected to tap to dig deeper and deeper through levels of dirt, stone, or obsidian. Your goal? Tap and dig deep into the Earth while earning diamonds, coins, and fossils you can then use to upgrade it all: characters, special skills, or helpers.

Are you ready to become the best gold digger? Read on for some useful Tap Tap Dig cheats, tips and hints!

1. Don’t Skip The Tutorial

Get the basic information before you become the big boss

tap tap dig cheats

Tap Tap Dig starts with a tutorial that you should not miss. Get to know the basics of the game before embarking on this new intensive-tapping adventure: miners, upgrades, skills, boosters etc.

2. Learn How To Tap Efficiently

Use as many fingers as possible to increase income

In order to break through the Earth, you will need to tap to dig. The good part is that you can speed up digging by tapping with as many fingers as you can. Since multiple taps read separately, you can use all your fingers to tap thus increasing your income.

3. Make The Most Of Your Helpers’ Talents

Upgrade them to unlock new talents

Starting with level 10, you can start to upgrade your helpers. Until you reach level 100, you can upgrade helpers every 20 levels, unlocking a new talent for them. From level 100 onwards, you can upgrade them every 50 levels. To get an idea, the talent you get at levels 10 and 30 is a multiplier for their earnings. The level 50 talent is a tap multiplier, while the level 100 talent is an idle damage multiplier. Helpers work 24 hours a day, even when you are away. You will be able to claim the offline earnings when you sign back in.

4. Do Research Quests

Speed up the research quest, here’s how

tap tap dig tips

Research quests are available on the third tab. Don’t be afraid to spend gems for permanent bonuses such as 100% idle damage or all tap damage. In order for the research to complete, you can either wait for a couple of hours for it to end on itself, or you can watch a video ad to speed up the process. The sixth tab contains permanent multipliers that you can unlock by watching video ads, no matter if you are watching them to double your offline income or to speed up research. Everything matters and counts up.

5. Go For The Damage Multipliers

Watch ads to speed things up

Use the research quests to get the damage multipliers as soon as possible. This will allow you to go deeper into the earth with each tap by increasing the overall damage. Make sure to watch the multiplier videos as well and thus speed up things. The deeper you go, the more fossils you will get.

6. Learn How To Cause A Big Bang

Prestige only when it really benefits you

Once you get to the fourth area, you can prestige by causing a big bang. This means that you will get back to the very beginning but you will keep your fossils. You can use fossils to buy benefactors, who come with their own bonuses. Each fossil is worth 5% of the damage bonus. So, if you spend one fossil, you will lose that bonus. However, if you have sufficient fossils, you will still be able to have gains thanks to the benefactors. So be patient and prestige only when you get enough fossils.

And that’s it for our collection of Tap Tap Dig tips and cheats! If you have any questions or you want to share your thoughts about the game, feel free to drop us a line!