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Cooking Diary: Tasty Hills Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide: How to Become the Best Chef in Town

Have you ever dreamt of being one of the world’s best chefs, having your own restaurant and making thousands of people happy with your delicious food? Then this is the perfect game for you! Cooking Diary: Tasty Hills is a brand new simulator game which gives you the chance to be your own “chef”. It was developed by MyTona and it’s available for both iOS and Android devices. It already has tons of fans worldwide so you might want to at least check it out if you haven’t already decided to play it for the rest of your days (or until you reach the maximum level and experience you can get from it). Plus, the game has great music, we’re sure you’ll love it!

So, you actually have a story in this game: you’ve been invited by your amazingly talented-at-cooking grandfather to work as a chef in Tasty Hills and become one of the best ones out there in all culinary history. You can elucidate the mystery of the collapse of his restaurant empire, fix all the problems you think you can fix, make a bunch of new friends and battle with other cunning competitors to become “the best”! Now, let’s go and check out our Cooking Diary: Tasty Hills guide, that’s filled with some useful tips, tricks and cheats!

1. First Things First: Customize The Perfect Character To Represent You

cooking diary tasty hills guide

Tasty Hills is the capital of gourmands! Here, you can find restaurants with all world’s specifics, one next to another. Clients try different restaurants and it is your job to make them think “Hmm, this one is my favorite!”. In order to do that, you have to look perfect, have the perfect cuisine, come up with a perfect menu and lead the perfect kitchen team!

Firstly, you’re presented with the Player Customization Screen: here, you basically choose how you want to look. Be careful, you need to look professional but not stiff! And don’t worry, you can go from changing the form of your brows and the color of your eyes to as far as skin tone and lip or nose changes. There are tons of combinations out there to suit your preferences and make you look stunning for your upcoming business looks.

2. Making A Burger Is A Piece Of Cake

Tap, tap, and tap! When clients order burgers, there are some steps you need to follow in order to deliver a tasty and succulent burger. Tap on the meat, then tap on the oven to cook it. After the meat is ready, you tap again on the oven in order to get the meat and tap on the bread to make the burger. Done! Easy, isn’t it? Now, you can successfully deliver your client the best burger in town, and keep your fingers crossed because they might return for more!

3. Drinks? Sure!

cooking diary tasty hills drinks

After you’ve collected the coins that your very satisfied clients left on the table for you, it’s time to use the drink dispenser! Does someone want a cup of Cola? Or any other drink? Well, this is super easy and we’re sure you can handle it just fine. After all, you’ve always wanted to be a chef, right?

Go on and tap on the drinks dispenser. A little clock icon will show up and after it’s completed the circle, the dispenser has also poured your drink into the cup and now it is ready to go – or ready to be served to your customer. You can tap on the drink to take the filled cup, put it on your tray and then give it to your client. They will love the orange juice too, trust us!

4. The Cooking Diary

The tradition of the family involves not only taking over the restaurant and handling all the stuff along the journey of being a chef and your own boss but also taking on the great responsibilities that come with it and write about the evolution of your restaurants empire and even your own evolution in a journal. The first tab of the journal is the writing part: here, you note down important stuff about the restaurant’s recent activity, how things are going and what should be changed or what will remain the same. The second tab contains your Achievements: play more and get more achievements during your gameplay time! The third tab indicates your friends list: you can either send invitations or connect through Facebook on this tab. If you connect your Facebook account to the game, you will automatically get 15 red Gems for free and as we all know it, anything that’s free is welcome into our pockets!

5. Buying New Equipment

cooking diary tasty hills upgrading equipments

Do you want to complete levels more easily and quicker than before? Upgrade your equipment or buy new stuff for your restaurant. Upgrading and buying rigs means they take less time to prepare the food, they do multiple tasks simultaneously or other really cool attributes to help you make your clients happy. As far as the oven concerns you, for example, buying a new one will automatically drop down the frying time for the meat you put in your delicious burgers. If u buy a new tray, then you have more space that’s closer to the clients’ area from which you can serve them quicker and save a lot of time you would’ve wasted running around after snacks or other tasty things that they order. Bottom line – upgrade your restaurant in order to make your life easier and your customers happier!

6. Getting Some Help In The Kitchen

After a few levels, you discover that you can actually get help in your restaurant, you don’t have to do them all by yourself. This way, you get to meet your first assistant, Johnny. He will do so many good things if you teach him how to operate in your area of work. He serves tables, he prepares sandwiches and customized burgers for your more picky clients.

On the Assistants screen, you can see his Assistant Card, how many stars he gathered. At level 5, you’re entitled to have 15 assistants. The more assistants you have, the happier your customers leave your restaurant and if they leave happy, they will definitely come back for more delicious food. Or, as your grandpa says: “It’s important to keep your customers happy. After all, a happy customer is guaranteed to be more patient and more generous!”.

This sums up our Cooking Diary: Tasty Hills guide. We hope our tips and tricks will help you get started with your journey as a restaurant chef leading your grandpa’s empire. May you have only satisfied customers and awesome reviews on all culinary websites!


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