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Dungeon & Heroes Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Win Every Battle and Conquer the Land

Consistent with its own unique brand of fresh yet familiar takes on a variety of games across multiple genres, DroidHen, the developer behind Fort Conquer, Fishing Diary, and the Defender series, to name a few, recently released Dungeon & Heroes, an adventure RPG set to immerse you in a 3D world brimming with distinctive heroes to recruit, monsters to battle, resources to gather, and quests to complete.

Dungeon & Heroes offers tons of activities to do, sufficient to last for several hours on a daily basis and yet progression can be attained whether you are a casual or a hardcore gamer. If you’re into RPGs, or simply enjoy light-hearted exploration and castle management, Dungeon & Heroes may actually give you more than what you’re looking for.

In Dungeon & Heroes, you begin your adventure as a voyager stranded in a strange land. After you find an empty castle and make it your own, you begin fortifications on your new home as you embark on a quest in the new land to discover more about the continent. On your journeys, you will meet and recruit unique heroes to join you on your quest and battle through a variety of enemies.

dungeon & heroes guide

As you progress through the continent, you will gather resources to continuously upgrade your castle and enhance your heroes. That’s not all of it though, as there are also guild systems that provide activities and quests you can engage in with your friends. There is also an arena to compete against other players’ teams. Lastly, there is a world boss, in the form of a dragon, which you will battle along with everyone else on the server.

Dungeon & Heroes has a quick, simple, and very helpful tutorial to guide you through the initial stages of your adventure. As you immerse yourself in the game and accomplish more quests, new game modes and features are unlocked. With the sheer size of its content, you might have a hard time focusing on which activity to do first, or perhaps which upgrades to focus on.

As with many other RPGs of its kind, Dungeon & Heroes is also a game about managing finite resources and, as such, that will be in itself an equally important challenge you must continuously work to keep a lid on. Whether you’re struggling to defeat an enemy or having a bit of difficulty gathering enough resources, our Dungeon & Heroes tips, cheats and strategy guide will help you sustain your castle and heroes’ growth as well as prepare you for every battle that comes your way.

1. Prioritize The Main Quest But Take Note Of Side Quests Too

dungeon & heroes main quest

Like in most RPGs, finishing the main quest is your most basic goal in the game. With Dungeon & Heroes, finishing main quests are not only your keys to unlocking new game modes and features, accomplishing each provides rewards as well as more options to gain more rewards. Basically, as you follow the tutorial through the main quest line at the beginning of the game, you will occasionally unlock new features you may want to look deeper into.

Initially, what you should do is just follow the main quest until it comes to a point where it gets too challenging for you to accomplish. You should then take a good look at side quests you can accomplish, as these will help make your castle and heroes stronger, ultimately giving you the boost you need to take on the previous quest that hindered your progress.

2. Focus Mainly On Five Heroes

dungeon & heroes best heroes

You will initially have one hero at the start of the game but before you know it, you’ll soon have more and more heroes joining your team as you progress through the initial quests of the game. Easily enough as well, you’ll be acquiring a variety of hero fragments and be able to summon more heroes to add to your roster.

With the initial overflow of some resources, as a result of accomplishing the easiest of quests, you may have an excess of some resources that you feel you should invest on your new heroes. While having additional strong heroes will be very useful later on in the game, and perhaps necessary to defeat some dungeons, you should save resources for the needs of your main heroes first.

It is important to know that your heroes can gain 10 levels higher than you, meaning that if you’re at level 20, you can level up your heroes to level 30. As such, leveling your heroes in this manner almost always guarantees victories for most battles on the map. As resource requirements to level up heroes and their respective skills and equipment become harder and harder to accommodate, it is best to save on the necessary resources to ensure that your main team is always in top condition.

To begin with, the first five heroes that you will acquire are actually pretty decent and work very well with one another. If you acquire higher star heroes sooner than most players do and feel that they should be part of your main team, feel free to make the necessary substitution. However, this should still adhere to the 5-hero focus as far as it can to ensure you’ll have sufficient resources to work around with.

3. Study Each Hero For The Best Battle Formation

dungeon & heroes best battle formation

Battle formations are not an entirely new concept. Allocating your party between front row and back row has been a widely used mechanic in several RPGs. Though such is the case, there are some differences in how these impact members of your team and ultimately affect your performance in battle. In Dungeon and Heroes, you’ll mostly be engaging battle with a 5-hero team, with 3 in the front row and 2 at the back.

Damage given and received is somewhat unaffected and the only noticeable difference is that heroes in the front row mostly take the damage. These same conditions applies to a 3-hero team, with 1 in the front row and two at the back. Enemies follow the same formation as well. With these you should determine which of your 5 main heroes are best suited to be in front to take the most damage and which ones should be behind, where it’s relatively safer.

While some heroes conform to conventional character classes you see in other RPGs, there are unique elements in some heroes in Dungeon and Heroes. As such, it is important to study each hero in your roster, to see what each can do and determine where they best belong in the battle formation.

For one, the Defender, probably everyone’s first 3-star hero, has high defense and HP and also has skills that boost defensive strength. He’s top candidate to man the first slot of the front row. Agility-based characters may not necessarily have high physical and magic defense but occasionally dodge attack of enemies which makes them a good second choice of characters to be deployed on the front row.

Exceptions to primary considerations are, of course, dependent on the heroes’ levels, their equipment and also their star rank. Given gaps in strength following each of your heroes’ overall strength may very well influence you on where to place them in the formation.

4. Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

dungeon & heroes guild

Every game with a guild system practically tells you that you have to in one. This isn’t just to have an opportunity to gain more in-game friends, but acts as an essential feature you need to take advantage of to speed up your progress in the game. In Dungeon and Heroes, it’s relatively easy to join a guild.

While you can apply to join multiple guilds at the same time, there will be several guilds looking for members as well on the in-game chat. Be sure to choose one with many active members though, as the value you get from your guild primarily depends on the members’ activity.

Guilds give way to new adventures for you and your guildmates. It may take time to unlock, depending on how active and participative your guild is, but once you see the expedition and trial open, be sure to take part in it as these will give you rewards without consuming any stamina.

Another great value in being part of a guild is having an additional means of free stamina. For best results, you can already request for additional stamina from your guild at the start of the day so everyone who views the request on the guild chat can send you some throughout the day.

Each member can only gift 10 stamina though and you can only have a maximum of 100 stamina from your guild per day. Be sure to also do the same for your guildmates. Additionally, support your guild by donating gold to progress its growth.

5. Don’t Hesitate To Spend On Stamina

dungeon & heroes stamina

In mobile RPGs and similar games where most activities require stamina, every other resource that seems equally or more important always come in as secondary priority. This is also true in Dungeon & Heroes.

While there are several activities in the game that doesn’t consume stamina, quests you need to finish as well as most battles you have to engage require them and though you’ll earn plenty of it as you gain levels and earn rewards, it’s hardly enough to make the most out of the game as far as efficient farming is concerned.

There are numerous ways to obtain free stamina potions in the game. As you venture forth on your quest and obtain rewards from time to time, you may randomly receive several in a day. For one, the inner hoarder in you might feel that it is best to save these for later or, perhaps, with that same mindset you might want to hold on to your gold and diamonds and consider to spend your currencies for other valuable resources.

Ideally, however, what you would rather do is try and progress your game as far as you can at the soonest especially since unlocking additional features that boost your castle’s development and your heroes’ growth depend on how much is available to you, in terms of game modes and resources.

6. Progress The Infinity Tower At The Soonest Possible

dungeon & heroes infinity tower

The Infinity Tower in Dungeon & Heroes is an unlockable game mode within your castle that offers many great rewards and doesn’t consume stamina. Enemy levels start at 15 and go 1 level higher after every 10 floors. As there will be many instances when you are replenishing stamina to proceed with your other quests, spending some time here will definitely be worth your while.

As you will already be at level 20 when you unlock the tower, it will take some time before you experience difficulties with the enemies you encounter within. It’s important to note that you get rewards for succeeding on each floor and the rewards may be resources to boost your heroes, hero fragments, and even equipment. In any case, this is also a good place to spend time in when you’re having difficulty defeating enemies on a quest and your heroes need to become stronger.

7. Complete Your Daily Quests

dungeon & heroes daily quests

The Scroll Icon on the right side of your screen represents daily tasks that you can most likely accomplish by going through your daily routine. Perhaps, just by playing the game and engaging in most activities, you’ll unconsciously complete some of these tasks.

For the best results though, visit this whenever you can to determine which ones are still not met and try to do them, on top of the rewards for each task comes a final set of rewards, which includes diamonds, for completing all tasks.

8. Regularly Visit And Manage Your Congress Hall

dungeon & heroes congress hall

Your Congress Hall is your primary source of resources that you need to upgrade your heroes’ equipment as well as craft new ones through the Smithy. Some of these resources are also used to upgrade the Warehouse, the Cottage, and the Tax Office. As resources here generate continuously, you should constantly check and make adjustments to the allocation of workers assigned on each resource.

9. Join The Battle Against The Flame Dragon

dungeon & heroes flame dragon

The Flame Dragon is like a world boss event in Dungeon & Heroes that you can attack 10 times per day. While you will most likely always suffer defeat each attempt, what’s important is that you participated in the event and contribute even a bit of damage against it.

You will be rewarded with gold per attempt but what’s more important is getting Dragon Eyes, which is a currency you can get here, as part of the reward once the dragon is defeated. You can exchange these Dragon Eyes for different hero fragments either to rank up your existing heroes or to hasten unlocking other heroes.

10. Use Your Keys And Magic Coins Immediately

dungeon & heroes keys and magic coins

Throughout the game, quests and events sometimes reward you with silver keys and gold keys that you use at the Altar to open silver and gold chests, respectively. These chests contain a variety of resources and other items that may be very difficult to get anywhere else. As there is hardly any point in holding on to these keys, it’s best to use them as you acquire them.

On the other hand, Magic Coins that are needed for the Magic Spin (spinning wheel) can be saved for later as the list of rewards available in the wheel refreshes every 8 hours. Perhaps if you’re at the point in the game where you are explicitly waiting for a couple of rare hero fragments to pop up and at the same time hoping to get them, then maybe that’s a good enough reason to hold on to those coins.

Chances are, though, that you will always be low on spirits, or magic books, or even gold and that getting these resources from the Magic Spin would be a great boost for your heroes. If this is the case, then you should spin away and save no coins for later.

11. When To Visit The Rift

dungeon & heroes rift

The Rift is another game mode that you can unlock at level 24. In here, you can get much needed basic upgrade resources like spirits, magic books, essences, and even gold at the cost of stamina. While this may sound enticing at first, the amount of stamina you consume for the amount of rewards you get doesn’t seem to make it worth your while.

Perhaps if you have spare stamina and nothing else to spend it on, then you might as well give this a go before logging out of the game. Otherwise, there are other means you might want to try to get these resources or they may be battles in the map you can better spend your stamina on.

12. Use The Portal To Revisit Previous Maps And Dungeons

dungeon & heroes portal

The Portal at the start of each map can take you to any previous locations you explored as well as dungeons you smashed. If you have completely explored an area, then there is no value in going back to that previous not. If you still haven’t reached 100% completion on a map, then you can always travel back to complete it.

As your Main Quest will not always lead you through a 100% map completion rate, you may have missed something as you push forward to progressing your quest and moving on to the next area. It’s always a good thing to go for 100% completion as some of the rewards you’ll get on the earlier area will be more challenging to acquire later on. Additionally, there are milestone rewards for getting a 100% completion on each area as well.

As far as the dungeons are concerned, getting those extra hero shards makes smashing all those previously conquered dungeons the more rewarding especially, since you can do a 3x smash and instantly skip to the part where you get your hero shards and loads of other rewards.

13. Maximize Your Attempts At The Hellgate

dungeon & heroes hellgate

The Hellgate is yet another game mode within your castle where you get attempts to battle bosses you have defeated on your journey. The higher your level, the more bosses you unlock, and so, the better rewards you get. Be sure to visit the Hellgate and exhaust your attempts for the rewards. The only time you would want to hold onto your remaining attempts would be when you are about to unlock the next boss and battle him instead for better rewards.

14. Exercise Good Timing In Your Fights In The Arena

dungeon & heroes arena

Dungeon & Heroes’ Arena works a little differently than most mobile RPG arenas in that attempts do not replenish daily but rather per season, which lasts 14 days. Additionally, the arena is divided between Elite Fighters and Ultimate Champions class. The former being the easier one as you can choose any hero to fill your team roster and the latter has restrictions that vary per season. The total 25 attempts you have is also split between these two sub-arenas.

Depending on when you start playing the game, you’ll see just how much time is left before the season comes to an end. As duels against other players are entirely on auto-battle, it’s mostly a battle of power levels and you can practically defeat anyone with a lower power level. Given that final ranks and rewards are determined at the end of the season, it is best to use up most, if not all your attempts towards the end of the season.

And that’s all we have for our Dungeon & Heroes strategy guide. We hope you enjoyed reading our guide and that you learned a great deal from it. In case you know additional tips, tricks, or strategies for Dungeon & Heroes that we forgot to mention, be sure to let us know by dropping us a line in the comment section!


Saturday 5th of September 2020

Hello, I just started playing. What do you utilize Essential Cores for?


Tuesday 12th of November 2019

Bonjour, A quoi correspond l'élasticité critique...??


Sunday 11th of August 2019

Where and how to use heavenly esence


Saturday 28th of September 2019

You can get those from opening gold keys \ shrine of heroes challenges \ completing an event.


Saturday 6th of July 2019

How do you post to recruit. Can't join a guild because I am set up as leader, but can't post to recruit, so sat on my own.


Saturday 28th of September 2019

you can leave your guide in guide house (members) or you can post recruit massges - look for a speaker icon in the guide house under your guide name.


Wednesday 19th of June 2019

How do I evolve my legendary equipment, I have multiple pieces (3) of the same equipment and the game keeps telling me I don't have enough materials. what do I need?


Saturday 28th of September 2019

There are several things you need to have in order to evolve 1. X pieces of equipment - the higher the stars level of the equipment the more pieces you will need (for a 5-star level you will need 32 pieces). 2. gold