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Brick Slasher (Ketchapp) Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score

Created by casual gaming giant Ketchapp, Brick Slasher is a new game for iOS and Android that challenges you to an exciting demolition experience. Players are expected to beat the clock and fire cannonballs at a tower, knocking down as many parts of it as possible. Ideally, the whole tower should be knocked down before the time runs out. By doing so, you will not only obtain the highest possible score but you will also be able to earn the extra chest and continue your adventure to the next level. For each destroyed floor, you will get extra time and a nice amount of coins.

Ready to open fire and unlock dozens of bombs, amazing new balls, and chests? Keep on reading to find out some of the most useful tips and tricks in order to get a high score in Brick Slasher!

1. Aim At The Bottom Of The Tower

But aim at different parts

brick slasher ketchapp high score

The main strategy is to aim at the bottom of the tower. The lower you aim, the easier it will be to bring down the tower and the more points you will earn. However, you should avoid aiming always at the same point. If your first shot will dislodge some bricks, if you direct your second shot at the exact same point, dislodging additional bricks will be more difficult. Instead of that, focus on dislodging bricks in a different tower segment, debilitating the tower. This will allow you to knock down the tower a lot faster.

2. Fire The Balls As Fast As Possible

Get extra time by knocking down pieces of the tower

Whether you shoot fast or slow, time ticks down equally. So try to fire your balls as fast as possible and knock down as many pieces as you can. You will get some extra time each time you knock down a brick. And this means that your round will last longer and you will be able to gather more points.

3. Earn As Many Coins As Possible

Watch video ads to earn extra coins

Coins can be earned by collecting the chests in the tower. In addition, you will be rewarded with a big chest of coins if you manage to get many points in a round. When you finish a round, you will have the possibility to watch a video ad and earn an extra chest that contains 100 coins.

4. Watch Ads To Revive

Keep your points and start from where you left

brick slasher ketchapp cheats

The first time you fail a round, you will be given the opportunity to watch a video ad and start back from where you left. You won’t lose any points either. However, if you fail the level again, you will have to go back to the beginning.

5. Use Coins To Unlock New Balls

Visit Ketchapp’s social media page to unlock special balls

You can spend the coins that you earn to unlock new balls. Though the performance of the new balls won’t change, they do come with an attractive design. Unlocking new balls may cost up to 650 coins. Or, if you prefer, you can watch five video ads to unlock a new ball. However, some balls are available only if you visit Ketchapp’s social media page.

This wraps up our tips and cheats guide for Ketchapp’s latest mobile title, Brick Slasher. Do you find them useful? Can you add other tips? Just drop us a line and let us know!