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Tap It Big: Casino Empire Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Earn More Money

Recently, we told you about a game called Diner Dynasty that essentially combines the mechanics of your average restaurant management game with the mechanics of casual clicker titles such as AdVenture Capitalist. Well, what about a casino game that blends casino mechanics with money clicker mechanics? Tap it Big is just that kind of game, and it also comes from the same maker of Diner Dynasty, PikPok. Likewise, this game is available for Android and iOS, and it puts you in control of a small casino as its owner. As you keep on tapping, you can add to the number of slot machines, roulettes, and blackjack tables in your casino, and earn more money in the process. You can also end up buying newer and better casinos “to finally claim your place on the Las Vegas strip.”

Then again, maybe this game is more about the tapping than it is about casino gaming. But if you want to earn more than just billions – the game suggests “quattrovigintillions,” whatever that may be – we suggest you check out this list of Tap it Big tips and tricks.

1. You No Longer Need To Tap After Purchasing The Managers

The tapping system is fairly cut-and-dry – just keep on tapping on the screen and clicking to earn more and more money. But when you buy the managers, you no longer need to tap/click, as the income will be yours automatically. So what comes next when the tapping is done?

2. Buy Casino Games And Upgrade Them

Once you’ve purchased the managers, you can then focus on buying casino games, such as the blackjack tables, slot machines, craps tables, and more. As you reach milestone levels, meaning Levels 25, 50, 100, 200, and so on, you’ll see your earnings double automatically. In addition, you can simply hit the second button on the menu found on the bottom of your screen to buy more upgrades.
Another thing you can do when you reach a specific new income level is to buy a new casino, provided you’ve got enough shares, which would normally be a lot. There are only few of them as of this writing, but more should be available in coming updates.

3. When Should You Claim Your Shares?

Like Diner Dynasty, Tap it Big allows you to claim your shares by hitting the third button on the bottom menu. That gives you a percentage multiplier, meaning 3 percent extra to your income per share you claim. So when should you hit the third button? As you will naturally earn a much bigger multiplier if your shares are in the hundreds, or even thousands, as opposed to being in the single digits, it would definitely be better to wait until you’ve got more than enough shares before claiming them. We say “more than enough,” because spending all of your shares would cause your casino to flounder, and eventually go bust.

4. How To Earn More Free Gold

The game starts out by giving you one free unit of gold, but after that, gold becomes harder and rarer to come along. Normally, you can make an in-app purchase to get more gold, but if you want to earn free gold and not pay for it, you will have to be patient. If it’s any consolation, you’ll get a permanent bonus for each gold purchase you make.

5. The Profit Wheel Makes A Return

Another Diner Dynasty feature available in Tap it Big is the Profit Wheel, which you can spin as many times as you want. You can spin again after you spin a 2x or 3x, provided you are willing to sit through an ad video – and you should. We suggest spinning until you hit 4x on the wheel, which quadruples your income.

This is our set of tips and tricks for Pikpok’s mobile game, Tap It Big: Casino Empire. In case you know other hints for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know!