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Diner Dynasty Tips, Cheats & Guide to Earn More Money

Pikpok’s new mobile game Diner Dynasty is a unique diner-themed title. If anything else, it’s more casual, despite the similarities in objectives to other restaurant management games. It’s more of a clicker game in terms of mechanics, but likewise, you’ll still be starting from your own humble in-game kitchen, creating and selling breakfasts, pizzas, and ice cream sundaes. You can tap on the screen to sell your dishes and make more money, and keep on tapping to keep on selling. Earning money would allow you to buy your own diner, and as you keep playing and tapping, you can supplement your diner with food trucks, and even start up your own five-star restaurants. Other features include a Profit Wheel for multiplying your income, and several “boosts, shares, and upgrades” that can also do a world of good for your bottom line.

Think of this game as a cross between Diner Dash and AdVenture Capitalist – restaurant management + idle clicker. Add those up, though, and you get a lot of fun…or a lot of head-scratching if you’ve just started. Fortunately, though, we’ve got you covered through this list of Diner Dynasty tips and tricks for newbie restaurateurs who want to earn more money.

1. About Claiming Your Shares For Multipliers

You’re free to do this any time in the game, but whenever you see fit, you can cash out so you can claim your restaurant shares and get a permanent multiplier. Unlike in other money-management clickers, there’s no minimum upgrade level. But you might want to wait for some time before claiming your shares, as that would allow you to have a solid amount of shares. It wouldn’t be worth it if you cash out your shares really early and end up earning a small percentage of a few shares.

2. Use Shares To Purchase Bonuses

You can use your shares to buy new bonuses, though you should make it a point to have enough shares leftover once you’re done with your purchases. Each share, after all, is worth 3 percent additional income on your end. And do not, in any event, go for the 600 percent bonus if it means spending most, if not all of your shares. That’s going to dent your income significantly if you do that.

3. Spin That Profit Wheel

If you play the game while connected to the Internet – and you should – you’ll have a chance to spin the Profit Wheel, which allows you to multiply your income. Results of your wheel spins, of course, are random, but you could potentially get a 2x, 3x, or 4x multiplier. If you don’t get lucky the first time, that’s where your Wi-Fi or data connection would come in – you can watch an ad video to get yourself a free spin.

4. Manage Your Gold Properly

You’ve also got gold to deal with in Diner Dynasty – gold is, as you may have surmised, the game’s premium currency. Once you start playing the game, you’ll get some free gold, but any bonus gold you may receive will be awarded to you progressively less as you go on in the game. That means you should manage your gold wisely; for example, save up about 10 gold coins so you can get a bonus profit multiplier worth 3x. That’s separate from the multipliers you can earn by spinning the Profit Wheel. Gold can also allow you to buy some very useful bonuses, so be on the lookout for those opportunities.

5. As You Earn, You Keep Upgrading

While you’ll start out with a tiny little Personal Kitchen, you will eventually be able to upgrade to swankier settings as you keep earning money. Earning one quadrillion dollars (yes, one quadrillion) will allow you to buy the Snack Shack and unlock more recipes. Once you have four sextillion (seriously), you’ll be able to unlock and buy the Food Truck. And believe us when we say it keeps going on as you earn more –illions.

For now, these would be out list of tips and hints for Pikpok’s new simulation game, Diner Dynasty. If you happen discover any other tricks, that we haven’t included in our guide, don’t forget to let us know!