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Talking Tom Gold Run Cheats: 4 Tips & Tricks to Grab All the Gold

Talking Tom Gold Run comes to you from the same studio who brought us the original Talking Tom sensation, back when iPhones were a new phenomenon. Now Talking Tom has branched out significantly and has added a whole host of characters to his roster. Tom has made a lot of money over the years, but now some nasty raccoon has stolen it, and the only way to get it back is to chase him down! This is the basic premise of Talking Tom Gold Run and not much more needs explaining beyond that. Except for maybe how an anthropomorphic raccoon manages to outrun Tom while carrying an infinite supply of gold bars in his back pocket.

At its core Talking Tom Gold Run is an endless runner style game, of the variety that has been mercilessly cloned since the advent of Temple Run, back in the golden age of iOS games. Which really is all there is to say about it, you’ve probably encountered at least one iteration of the endless runner genre, even before Temple Run. The basic formula is that you control a character with basically limitless stamina, doomed to forever chase an unreachable goal. Generally, your range of movement is constricted to up, down, left or right; and there are some collectables sprinkled throughout the level for good measure as well. What Talking Tom Gold Run does is add another layer of progression onto the formula. As you run you collect gold bars, which can be used to upgrade Tom’s house and also to unlock new characters.

So keep reading for the best tips on how to snatch all the gold you can!

1. Keep Your Eyes On The Prize, But Not Too Much

Talking Tom Gold Run is deceptively simple. You think it is incredibly easy because all you have to do is avoid obstacles, but this task soon becomes increasingly difficult as the speed at which you run ramps up to supersonic levels. It then becomes difficult to choose the best route to take. The game will also constantly tempt you with gold bars that are placed in difficult to reach areas.

So what is the best running strategy to use? In the early stages, when your running speed is still manageable, try to grab as much gold as you can in the hard to reach places. In the beginning it will be trivial to do so. The idea is to build up the amount of gold bars you have early in the game, so that when the difficulty is truly hellish, you will be less tempted to take the riskier route and lose.

When the speed ramps up significantly the game becomes very challenging. At this point your main focus should be spent on staying alive. Often you will have two options on how to proceed, always take the one that ensures survival, rather than the one that might give you a couple of extra gold bars. If you survive for longer you will make up the gold bars you lost easily.

2. If You Want To Win Big You Need To Have The Right Moves

Talking Tom Gold Run is all about movement, what path you take through the level will determine how successful you are and whether you will be able to beat your high score and win even more gold bars. There are many environmental hazards that are strewn throughout the levels, some of which require some clever strategy to properly deal with.

One of the main environmental challenges that you will face is when you have to jump from one place to another. Usually this will be quite simple e.g. jumping over a car. But as you continue throughout the game it will become more difficult e.g. jumping between buses or jumping over water. If you jump too early then you will be stuck in the middle and you will have no chance to escape without losing. The best strategy is to always jump right before you are about to fall, so that you do not jump too early.

Sometimes there will be obstacles where it will look like you can make the jump but actually it will be too far away. These should be avoided at all costs. Usually the best way to stay alive the longest is to avoid jumps and take the straight route.

3. Not All Powerups Are Created Equal

Like any videogame, Talking Tom Gold Run has a lot of powerups that you can collect which will help you in some way. The powerups that you can collect are: a helmet, a magnet, a rocket, 2x Gold bars, and 2x score. Some of these are better than others and sometimes the game will try to trick you into being greedy and going for the powerup rather than taking the safe route, which might lead to an early loss.

A general rule of thumb is to always go for the rocket, magnet, and 2x gold bars, because these are the ones that are most helpful. The 2x score isn’t really that helpful because score is only used for leaderboards and doesn’t serve much practical purpose. The helmet is also quite useless because although it does help you by negating damage, it almost always spawns in really easy sections of the level where it is not needed.

4. Don’t Neglect The Bonuses

The final tip is don’t neglect the bonuses that you can pick up for easy items. Grinding for items in Talking Tom Gold Run can be an immense chore, so make sure to use up every opportunity you can to get some free stuff. The best thing to do is to always watch those advertisements, and open your free vault every few hours. This will ensure that you have enough items to keep upgrading your runners.

Those are all the tips and tricks you need to grab all the gold in Talking Tom Gold Run. Go out there and put your reflexes to the test! If you have found any more tips and tricks that are useful, then feel free to get in touch!


Tuesday 4th of January 2022

I can’t get a character in the wheel in taking Tom gold run

Erica Crouch

Sunday 2nd of September 2018

What do you spend gold on everything ask me for diamonds


Sunday 17th of September 2017

Guys I have a question how do you get diamonds faster oh, and Dynamite


Thursday 24th of August 2017

How do you open the (coming soon) after Neon Angela's Home???????


Wednesday 5th of July 2017

Yeah, does anyone have any idea when there will be a new level after Hawaiian Hank's home? I'm getting bored. I have so much gold and a ton of diamonds I've racked up waiting to be spent on building a new level home! I wish they'd give some idea of when "soon" is. I'm still doing the daily 30-day missions because most are just so confused easy and the 30th day payout is worth the 10mins(max) a day - well it was way more wo th it when I was still building, but I haven't stopped just because I'm hoping "soon" will be SOON! I'm surprised that the 30 day mission thing isn't part of this article of tips. It's basically a free diamond vault for very little work.

zai d

Sunday 14th of May 2023

@Zaid, How am I going to get more dynamite and gold bars in Tom gold run without buying them