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Taichi Panda Cheats: 6 Tips to Make Your Panda Unbeatable

Taichi Panda is a mobile game from Snail Games USA, which is currently available for iOS devices, though it has yet to touch down for the Android platform. The game lets you enter a world of goblins, bandits, and pandas in a stunning 3D graphics universe. In terms of genre, it’s a dungeon crawler with a strong martial arts theme, thus the name. Since it was named Best iOS Game at E3 2014, you can be confident you’ll be downloading a winner of a mobile title, if you choose to get it for your iDevice. If you already have the game and are getting a bit frustrated at some point, you might want to read our Taichi Panda cheats, tips and tricks to help you turn your panda into the ultimate fighting machine.

1. Use Your Skills To Beat Enemies

Your skills may require some MP before you use them, but then again, MP regenerates fairly quickly in Taichi Panda. That means you shouldn’t hesitate to use your skills as long as you have MP – these skills could give you the edge you need against hordes of enemies, so use them if you got them. You’ll be better for it all.

2. Pay Attention To The Tutorial, As You Could Get Free Stuff

The tutorial part of Taichi Panda offers more than the average tutorial section – in here, you’ll do more than just learn how to play the game. In fact, you could earn yourself a good number of free items, including the login packs that reward you based on how often you play, or how long you stay logged in. The event packs give you rewards based on certain conditions, while you can also get your share of freebies by meeting daily goals in the game, or by hitting on certain touch points in the story.

3. Get Great Or Epic Treasure

Those aren’t the only freebies you can get in the game, as you can either get yourself Great or Epic Treasure. The former category includes solid gear for your panda, while the latter rewards you with some excellent gear for you to equip on your character. You’ll be given a chance to spin for treasure every few hours or so, so take the opportunity once it’s there.

4. Upgrade Your Equipment

This is self-explanatory – if you were able to get yourself some free equipment, you may luck out and score a rare piece of armor or a high-quality weapon. Use your lower-end weapons and armor to upgrade the rarer items, and you won’t be sorry.

5. Keep Your Finger On The Attack Button If Enemies Are Nearby

Remember to only do this if you have enemies approaching. Hold down the attack button and once you’re done taking out the first enemy, you’ll automatically be repositioned to face the next enemy, and so on until you’ve taken everyone out.

6. Go On An All-Out Attack Against The Enemies

Aside from their health points, bosses will have a “stagger meter” that makes them stagger to the ground once you drain it with repeated attacks. Once the boss staggers, you’ll have a few seconds to launch an uninterrupted attack, so feel free to go nuts when up against a boss. This also applies in arena battle, where both (human) competitors come with stagger meters of their own.