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Real Steel Champions Cheats: 5 Useful Tips to Build the Perfect Fighting Robot

Real Steel Champions for iOS is Reliance Big Entertainment UK’s sequel to Real Steel World Robot Boxing. If you aren’t familiar with either game, that should tell you all you need to know about what this game is about. But to put it in the developer’s words, you can create thousands of unique robots from exclusive and legendary robot parts – this would include choosing your robots’ heads, torsos, hands, and legs, giving them unique names and customizing them with their own paint jobs and introductions. And of course, you’ll have your share of boss battles in the game, which makes it important for you to have the best robot possible. How do you do that, though? Read on, as we provide you some useful Real Steel Champions cheats, tips and hints for creating the perfect robot fighter.

1. Hit Direction Buttons While Punching For More Variety

Simply tapping attack buttons will make your robot punch normally – straight up, nothing fancy, nothing that will create much of an impact against tougher robots. But when holding down a direction button while tapping on attack, you’ll be hitting a different kind of punch corresponding to the direction button you’re holding. It pays to do this regularly, so as to throw your opponent off and help you win more easily.

2. Go For Crazy Combo Hits

Like many other mobile games do, regardless of genre, Real Steel Champions rewards combo hits. How do you string together a combo? It’s simple – hit a light punch and follow it up with a heavy punch right away. Keep on doing this at a rapid pace and your opponent wouldn’t have a prayer, especially if your combos involve a lot of directional punches.

3. Upgrade Your Robot’s Passive Stats

It may be a bit of a no-brainer to say that you should upgrade your robot’s active stats by buying new parts. But you also have to keep those passive upgrades in mind as well. Regardless of the parts you buy, passive upgrades will apply in any case. But what upgrades are these? Let’s just say there are two for power, two for armor, one for critical rate, all of them being very important for your robot.

4. Time Attack Helps You Earn Additional Money And Experience

Want an optional way to double down on those experience points and coins? Try time attack mode if you’re looking like a huge long shot against your opponent. You’ll be up against random robots, but most of them will be very easy to defeat. And once you’ve beaten them, you can use the coins and experience you earn for upgrades.

5. Don’t Buy New Moves For Your Robots

New moves may sound like a cool thing to purchase with the money you have, but most will tell you that you’ll be wasting your money. The different moves don’t seem to have any differences in terms of statistics, and while they do give your robot the appearance of a machine that can skin the proverbial cat in many a way, it would still be much more practical to spend coins on passive upgrades and new parts.