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Spring Ninja Cheats: 5 Excellent Tips to Get a High Score and Better Jumps

A new addictive arcade game, Spring Ninja, is now available for both Android and iOS platforms. This is another sparsely-described, super-simple title from the masters of casual gaming, Ketchapp. In the game, your character is a fat, un-athletic and inept ninja whose “creator” wants him to fly high by means of a spring. We’re talking classic Flappy Bird-style mechanics here in this endless jumper game and with that in mind, your only goal in this game is to get as high a score as possible. However, since it can often be frustrating to go for that, we’ve brought you some Spring Ninja cheats and tips to help you score as high as possible.

1. The Combo Concept In Spring Ninja

Many a mobile game would reward players for stringing combos together. In this game, the “combos” that get rewarded here are jumps over multiple platforms. Sounds easy at first, but it’s going to take a lot of practice – what you need to do here is to hold the spring for as long as you could, then go for a jump.

2. The Reward System

If you get a specific number of points in the game, you can earn a corresponding token. Bronze tokens are earned when you score 10 points, silver ones when you score 20, gold ones when you score 30, and platinum ones when you score 40. Obviously, it’s the gold and platinum tokens that are harder to earn as opposed to the simpler, smaller ones that don’t require you to score as many.

3. Pay Attention To The Height Of Platforms

You can’t expect to use one technique alone in Spring Ninja and still clear each and every platform. And the heights of each platform are determined at random – again, it’s the Flappy Bird mechanics at work in this game. So with that having been said, you have to save your stronger jumps for taller platforms, while go easy when trying to clear the shorter ones. You wouldn’t want to over-shoot or under-shoot, so plan your jumps accordingly.

4. Play The Game Without Ads

Advertisements are typically quite distracting to mobile game players, so even if they do earn the developer more money, you can always choose to switch off your Wi-Fi or put your phone in airplane mode to turn the ads off and enjoy a more clutter-free gaming experience.

5. Keep Practicing

Whether you’re trying to execute a combo jump over more than one platform or simply trying to beat your old high score, the key to success is practice. You want to play this game as frequently, albeit reasonably, as possible if you want to score high and pull off some impressive jumps. But playing too much and for too long would be counterproductive to your technique in most cases, so we certainly advise you to take a rest in between sessions to keep yourself fresh.