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Dig a Way Cheats: 5 Tips and Hints You Should Know

Dig a Way is a puzzle adventure mobile game by Digi Ten, which, according to the developer will challenge your mind and reflexes as you navigate through more than 70 levels over four different worlds. For each level and each world, the mechanics and challenges may vary, as you solve different kinds of puzzles and avoid running into enemies and the traps they set for you. The most important thing about this game is that once you move down, you can’t go back up. But we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves here, as this article deals with different Dig a Way cheats and tricks. So if you need some help with this game, we invite you to read on as we share with you these tips and tricks.

1. Take Your Time

Yes, we told you we were getting ahead of ourselves, because the reason you should take it easy and not rush into anything is because you can’t go up after you’ve gone down. The puzzles do not come with any time limits, so you can pause for a few seconds to take a look at what’s around you, or to judge whether you can drop safely or not.

2. Pan The Camera Downwards To Check Your Drops

Speaking of dropping, one easy tip to remember is that it is possible to pan the camera down. This will allow you to properly determine whether it’s alright for your character to drop further down, or if you’d be better off planning something else.

3. Boulders Can Be Very Useful

Once you’ve completed a few levels, you’ll be able to bring boulders along with you. You’ll be able to push boulders around and have them act as platforms, but you won’t be able to dig them out. But you also have to be mindful of how you use them. The boulders will drop after a second or so once the platform underneath them breaks, and you may also have to carry them, or push them downward so that you can use them as platforms. You should also be careful about dropping boulders in the wrong places, as that might prevent you from getting yourself some treasure or rewards, or force you to start from scratch and redo the level.

4. Artifacts Are More Important Than Gold

Gold pieces and chests will be very instrumental in helping you earn three stars in a level, but you have to prioritize the chests, as they may contain artifacts within. These artifacts would be placed in a museum, and they all belong to a certain set; once the set is completed, that will allow you to earn money through the museum, thus giving you a neat little way to get more gold instead of digging for it.

5. Use Your Gold To Prevent The Game From Becoming Boring

What do we mean by this? We should also tell you that in Dig a Way, you can only spend gold on outfits, and nothing else. That won’t give your character any special skills or power-ups, but at least it allows you to jazz him up and add some variety somehow to the game.