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Circle Surfer Cheats: 5 Tips & Tricks to Beat Your High Score

Unlike other super-casual titles that you can easily download, regardless of your mobile platform, Circle Surfer is only available for iOS as of the moment. Looking at the game, it’s nothing fans of casual mobile games haven’t seen before, but that doesn’t make it any less addictive, or any less frustrating to try to beat out your previous high score or those of your friends. The mechanics of the title are very simple, but if you’re looking to get a leg up on your friends or simply beat out your previous high score, we’ve got some ways to help you with that – a series of Circle Surfer cheats, tips and tricks for a higher score.

1. Don’t Pay Attention To The Leaderboards

You’ll likely see a number of ridiculously high scores on the online leaderboards and these typically, if not exclusively come from individuals who had hacked the game. You don’t want to waste your time chasing those scores, because if you play the game without hacking – and we’re not trying to teach you to hack the game – you won’t be able to reach them.

2. Don’t Mind The Diamonds Either

Now, that we took care of the proverbial white elephant in the room, let’s get down to some serious Circle Surfer tips. Ignoring the diamonds is a good place to start, as you should be thinking exclusively about the obstacles. You have to avoid these obstacles to stay alive, so it would help if you take note of how they appear, if they appear consecutively, and how you can avoid running into them. You’ll automatically collect those diamonds anyway, so don’t chase after them too often.

3. Avoid Being Too Score-Conscious

This is a basic psychological tip that could help in any similar game. If you look at your score, or think about it too much, you’ll only lose your focus and play too conscious and unnaturally. You don’t want to be thrown off by anything when playing Circle Surfer, not the least by your own score.

4. Tap As Quickly As You Could To Avoid Multiple Obstacles

You have to think on the tip of your fingers when trying to dodge obstacles that appear in a row. This means tapping as fast as possible to avoid them, but once you’re done doing that, you have to take a breather and slow things down, lest you get hit while on the way back down.

5. Play Without Distractions, Period

Going back to the third tip, we must reiterate that being distracted is not the way to play Circle Surfer. You want your mind on the game 100 percent, and to that end, you may want to turn off your Wi-Fi and play offline. Advertisements can also throw you off your game, and switching off Wi-Fi or putting your device on airplane mode ensures you of playing ad-free and playing with as little distractions as possible, at least when it comes to the ones you can control.