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Table Top Racing: World Tour Out Now on Android

A stunning racing game previously released on other platforms, Table Top Racing: World Tour has now become available for Android users too courtesy of Playrise Digital.

If you are a big fan of mobile racing games, then you must have played – or at least heard of – Table Top Racing and its multiple variants. Developed by Playrise Digital, the original Table Top Racing became available for mobiles back in 2013 as a thrilling arcade racing game in which players were prompted to take control of miniature vehicles armed with various weapons and race around different courses. In 2016, Table Top Racing: World Tour, the second game in the series, was released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. In 2019, the game became available for iOS users. And now, it is finally available for Android as well.

Curious to see what the game is about? Check out the trailer for Table Top Racing: World Tour below!

The new mobile version comes with a series of adjustments, making it a better than the Switch port version released in January 2019. If you have a powerful device, it can run at a satisfying 60FPS. The version for Android is also compatible with Android TV controllers. Players who use iOS 13+ devices can play Table Top Racing: World Tour with a DualShock 4, an MFi, or an Xbox One controller.

table top racing world tour

One of the most notable features is the cross-play between iOS and Android. You can play with a friend using either the Internet or the traditional split-screen couch battles.

This new version boasts 16 unique vehicles that you can collect and customize, 32 challenging tracks to overcome, and almost 200 events to you can participate in.

If you are up for hours of online and offline fun and want to give Table Top Racing a go, this is definitely the version you should try out.