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Sword of Shadows Cheats: 6 Tips & Hints to Defeat Your Opponents

The journey to becoming a martial arts legend is a long and complicated one. In Sword of Shadows, you will experience this journey first-hand as you will be controlling a warrior from one of the five schools of martial arts. Available on Android and iOS, this game gives you the option to develop your character however you please. But that doesn’t mean success will come easy. It takes a lot of hard work to strengthen your character, regardless of the path you choose. The good news is that you can rely on our Sword of Shadows tips and tricks to help you become a legendary warrior!

1. Focus On The Quests

Quests play a large part in your character’s development in this game. While you may have the option to mindlessly grind, things will move quicker if you just stick to the quests. Completing them will reward you with experience and loot that you will need in order to get stronger. Don’t worry because most of the quests are automated. The only time that you will actually have to do something is if there is dialogue that needs to be tapped on. Other than that, you can just do your own thing until it’s time to tap on the screen.

When you want to do a quest, just tap on it on the side of the screen. Regardless of what you are required to do, your character will move automatically. You will also fight enemies automatically during quests. Make sure to check your character once in a while because you might end up auto-questing against enemies that you are not strong enough to defeat just yet. If you find yourself struggling to survive during auto-quests, that means you have been neglecting your character’s upgrades. Make sure you take time to upgrade gear and skills in between quests to avoid dying while on autopilot. Everything else will take a tap or two in order to complete so you will always have time to do your quests even if you are doing other things.

2. How To Defeat Your Enemies

The game boasts of a dynamic battle system that separates it from most other games in the genre. When you start out, however, the battle system seems pretty standard. You have skills that go on cooldown whenever you use them, then you have auto attacks to use in between. The real battle actually begins once you have unlocked the break and defense skills. These two changes the battle system entirely. You will need to rely on your reflexes and judgement in order to effectively time your defense and break skills. If you are successful, you will be able to take out your enemy while taking minimal damage.

The defense skill, obviously, is for defending. A blue shield will appear on your character and if you get hit while the skill is active, you will automatically counterattack. What’s great about this skill is that you can use these even against your opponent’s active skills. This is a great way to mitigate major damage coming your way. The break skill, on the other hand, is more of an offensive skill. If you see that your opponent is in a defensive stance, you can avoid getting counter attacked by using your break skill instead of a normal attack. This will also break your opponent’s defense, allowing you to deal damage.

3. Beef Up Your Warrior

If you followed the tip above and completed quests regularly, you should have the silver and materials you need for strengthening your character. There are several ways for you to do this. The first one is by forging better gear. You will get a lot of forging stones from quests. Use these stones to forge your equipment up to the maximum. Remember that the maximum forging level will increase every time you level up so make sure you reforge regularly. The second option for getting stronger is to cultivate your skills. As the name suggests, cultivating takes time so make sure you always have a skill in queue. The third way for you to strengthen your character is to improve your Internal Skills. These are passive skills that give you stat boosts depending on which school your character belongs to. These also take time to cultivate so don’t forget to queue them up whenever you can.

4. Look For The Shortcut Buttons

Upgrading your skills can get tedious if you have to repeatedly go into the menus and look for what needs to be done. The game makes things a bit easier by giving you shortcut buttons to use. If you look at the top of your character’s health and mana bars, you will notice two buttons – one red and one blue. These two buttons will actually give you easy access to your upgrade queues. You will be able to go to your skills page without having to go through the menus if you just tap on these buttons. Now you won’t have an excuse for neglecting to queue up those skills!

5. Use Charity To Rank Up

Donating to your school will increase your renown. When this happens, your rank within your school will also increase. This is important because reaching certain ranks will reward you with passive skill boosts that can make your character stronger. Donate once per day to make sure your rank improves steadily.

6. Get The Freebies

There are several different ways for you to get free stuff in this game. It is pretty generous to regular players, even if you don’t spend real money. The Novice Gift gives you rewards for logging in every day during your first week as a player. The Bonuses give your rewards for checking in, leveling up, and staying online. Lastly, the Events give you rewards for your daily logins and staying online. Make sure to keep an eye out for the red exclamation point. It will indicate if you have a reward waiting for you.

Begin your martial arts journey and become the strongest warrior there is! Just follow the Sword of Shadows tips and tricks we gave you in order to succeed! In case you need more help, be sure to check out our previous Sword of Shadows strategy guide!