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Star Link HEXA Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Clear More Stages

Star Link Hexa is a new puzzle game from Superbox, that will confuse you to no end. Confusing as it is, at the same time, it is a very interesting. You will be given different hexagons of different colors to control. They will be placed on a board and your task is to connect them into a hexagon of the same color. Just drag the hexagons across the board and connect them which makes the path disappear. However, you will need to find another path for the remaining hexagons. Use our Star Link HEXA strategy guide to make sure you won’t get lost in this game! The game is available on both iOS and Android devices.

1. Take Your Time

If you are feeling pressured about time then you can just relax. The good news is that the game does not have any timers for you to worry about. These types of games can take a while to finish and you don’t want to rush things while playing it. Rushing can only make things worse since you might make more mistakes which, in turn, makes the game even longer. Just take as much time as you need and work on solving those puzzles properly.

2. Penalties Are Not An Issue

This game is very forgiving. You can take as much time as you want and make as many mistakes as you are able. The game doesn’t penalize you for making mistakes but it doesn’t reward you either for playing perfectly. If you make mistakes, you can just repeat the level. You can experiment and try a lot of combinations. You’ll know you made a mistake when there aren’t any moves left to be made for the remaining hexagons. Although the game doesn’t tell you that either. There will be times when you are staring at the screen, not realizing you made a mistake.

3. Try Different Combinations And Orders

In this game, one thing you should remember is that there is no correct order for dealing with hexagons. You can start with the white ones or blue ones, everything is up to you. As long as there is a path that remains, you can still make moves and solve the remaining hexagons. In some levels, there is a pattern, but most of the time you will just look for the pattern that comes the easiest to you.

4. Don’t Get Discouraged By Complex Hexagons

As you play Star Link HEXA, you will notice that in the earlier levels there are hexagons with colors that only comes out once. As you play the game more, you will get hexagons that have two of the same color that you need to solve. This is where the game gets really tricky. Different combinations can be difficult to sort out. Don’t get confused and think of ways to connect them. Always try to look at everything from a different angle.

Forming hexagons can be fun but can also be complicated. If you follow our Star Link HEXA strategy guide, you will definitely be forming those hexagons in no time.