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FRAMED Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Solve More Puzzles

FRAMED is a story-based puzzle game from Noodlecake Studios, that will surely tickle your fancy. The design closely resembles comic book art. The story starts out with your character as a thief who stole something and is now running away from the law. The goal of the game here is to rearrange the frames in order for him to escape. Yes, that means you will be assisting a thief in his escape. Once you have the right pattern, you can now play the event and see if it is correct. This game can be as challenging as it is interesting. It’s a good thing you can depend on our list of FRAMED tips and tricks to help you let your thief escape without any problems. The game is available on both iOS and Android capable devices.

1. No Need To Rush

FRAMED is one of those puzzle games that doesn’t have any time limits. That means you have all the time in the world to solve the puzzle in front of you. There is no need to rush, just keep calm and plan things out. See if the direction or the frames are arranged properly. You just need to put the right panels in the right place to solve the puzzle. Rushing through things will only make things worse, and it can get pretty frustrating if you keep making mistakes. Keep calm and look at the panels carefully. It’s not hard as you think.

2. Use This Sure-Win Trick

The easiest way to solve the puzzle is the simplest one. Just do it by one panel at a time. Do this when you just want to solve the puzzle or finish the game. You’ll be able to tell if you put in a wrong panel. This happens when your character gets killed or gets captured. Just keep retrying until you have the right spot for the first panel. This trial and error method may be tedious but it will keep you from getting confused. Once you have the first panel right, move on to the next panel. Keep on doing this until you complete the entire level. The good thing about this approach is that the game doesn’t really punish you if you make a mistake.

3. Check Out A Walkthrough

If you find the game quite difficult, you can take a look at some of the guides online. The game has been out for quite some time now and there’s bound to be at least a couple of walkthrough guides there to help you. The game really offers almost no replay value and once you decide to play it again, you will already know how to deal with the puzzles. If for some reason you get stuck again just look up some guides online to help you.

Being an accomplice to crime is exciting but it isn’t easy. It takes a lot of focus and mental agility to ensure your character’s escape. Make sure you follow the FRAMED tips and tricks we listed above to win easily.