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Suspects: Mystery Mansion Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Outlast Your Opponents

Murder mystery games have been a longtime favorite among friends and family. From boardgames like Cluedo to video games like Among Us, it’s a type of game that keeps everyone on their toes and tests one’s ability to deduce or even lie to win. Adding to the many titles in the family of murder mystery games is the one peculiar Suspects: Mystery Mansion.

Created by Wildlife Studios, the folks behind titles such as Zooba and Tennis Clash, Suspects: Mystery Mansion takes many cues from the sci-fi murder mystery giant Among Us. As standard, groups of players will have to deal with one or two killers and will see victory through accomplishing all their tasks or by kicking all killers out of the mansion.

The differences this game has compared to Among Us are its integrated voice chat, its multiple game modes, and its ranked ladder. Whereas Among Us is more casual in nature and can be enjoyed at any level of play, Suspects offers a more competitive edge that gives players incentive to actually win through cooperation (or deception, if you’re the killer). Losing matches means losing points and winning means unlocking more content.

Since Suspects: Mystery Mansion has surprisingly a lot of nuances and techniques to getting better at the game, this guide will tackle the three pillars of what make this game: the tasks, playing as a guest, and playing as a killer. If you’re looking for ways to outwit and outlast your opponents, strap yourself in and read our comprehensive Suspects: Mystery Mansion beginner’s guide below!

Task And Sabotage Guide

suspects mystery mansion vision

It’s quiet… Too quiet.

Welcome to the mansion! This is where you get cozy and comfy and where the killer roams about claiming their victims. For every guest, it is their goal to complete tasks as quickly as they can. Luckily for you, we have a few tips on how to complete every task in the game. Study this guide and maybe you’ll be a cut above the rest.

1. Fingerprint Search

suspects mystery mansion fingerprint task

I wonder who touched this…

This task should be a priority since it takes a long while to complete. You can first start by moving the magnifying glass from the top of the object and slowly move it down the object in a sweeping motion. For the knife and the gardening shears, it’s best that you follow the length of the object until you reach the fingerprint. When you find it, hold the magnifying glass there for a moment until the task is complete.

suspects mystery mansion fingerprint match task

Now we’re doing some real investigative work!

Once you’ve collected all the fingerprints required, you will have to use the computer to analyze them. Keep your eye on the center of the fingerprint’s swirl and flip through the selections until both look the same. Tap the magnifying glass button when you are done and wait a moment until the task is complete.

2. Make A Sandwich

suspects mystery mansion recipe book task

Now where could it be…?

If you aren’t so confident with this one, you can try hovering your thumb over the different shelves until you come across the book itself. The game will then prompt you to perform the next task.

suspects mystery mansion ingredients task

Are they fresh or frozen? Just make sure that this sandwich is neither bland nor dry!

Study the ingredients on the left first. Once you’ve figured out what you need, tap them all in order. It’ll save you time spent scanning each item with your thumb manually and will make you finish this task much sooner. After this, all there is left to do is to eat the sandwich.

suspects mystery mansion sandwich task

Don’t choke on it!

This is the easiest part. But to eat it more quickly, tap the sandwich with both your thumbs in an alternating pattern. Once you’ve cleaned your plate, you’re all set.

3. Add Firewood

suspects mystery mansion fireplace task

Get that fire roaring.

This task is quite simple. To move all the pieces of firewood into the fireplace, don’t use your index finger. Instead, alternate placing the firewood using your two thumbs. It’ll keep you on your toes and one of your hands doesn’t have to stop gripping your phone.

4. Light A Match

suspects mystery mansion match task

Why does this feel so familiar?

If you’ve played Among Us, you’ll remember the infamous Admin Swipe task. This task is quite similar where, instead of getting your ID to be scanned, you need to light a match. Too fast and the match turns to cinder. Too slow and the phosphorus blackens. Not enough drag and the match doesn’t ignite at all. If you want a good pace for this task, try taking the match and park it first before the ignition strip and then glide the match across. You won’t get the speed right all the time, but it’s a good way to make the strike more accurate.

5. Reconstruct The Torn Photo

suspects mystery mansion photo task

Every picture tells a story.

Much like the fingerprint tasks, this task should be a priority. Start with the edges and corners. You can tell which of these is an edge due to the white borders being thicker than usual. If you find the corner of the photo, use these first before everything else. That way, the assembly of the photo will be cleaner and quicker.

6. Sort The Belongings

suspects mystery mansion sorting task

You think Mrs. Goat might’ve actually worn Mr. Goat’s hat one time?

This one could be a bit overwhelming if it’s your first time doing this. Both owners have three items each. Here we can outline who owns what for simplicity:

Mr. Goat (Right)

Lapel Pin

Mrs. Goat (Left)


It’s ideal if you take care of one set of belongings at a time. Because after you’ve completed one set, the other one simply goes into the other box.

7. Fix The Plumbing

suspects mystery mansion plumbing task

No mushrooms and coins here, just tension and stress.

This task is one of the easier ones. You simply need to tap the different pipe parts repeatedly until they align with the rest of the pipe. The best part here is if you accidentally tap them more than needed, they will not be undone.

8. Put Tools Away

suspects mystery mansion toolbox task

What a bunch of tools!

This particular task is known to be time consuming since most players would struggle to take the tools first and then find where they fit. The simplest solution we can give is to not take the tools as they are provided, but follow the order of the tools placed in the box:

suspects mystery mansion toolbox solution

This way, you have a guide. You will spend less time fumbling for the tool’s space and dedicate more of it to finishing this task in an efficient and orderly manner.

9. Unlock The Drawer

suspects mystery mansion drawer task

Lockpicking 100.

Each piece of the locking mechanism has a rhythm where the first one has the slowest and the third one has the fastest. Time the bounce of the lock from the top to the bottom and tap the drawer itself once the cursor is perfectly centered. Rushing this can keep you here for a while, so be sure to take your time with it.

10. Align The Portrait

suspects mystery mansion alignment task

Whoever Mr. Goat commissioned for this piece surely brought out a soulless stare from his eyes. Creepy.

This task is possibly just as frustrating as the Match Task where it requires absolute precision. Akin to the match task above, it’s better to take your time with this one than rush it and get the alignment wrong all the time. Try slowly positioning the painting with your thumb, you may complete it sooner than rushing it with rigid movements.

11. Chop Wood

suspects mystery mansion chopping task

Did you play Fruit Ninja before? Get ready for Log Lumberjack! To be released in your app store soon! We’re kidding.

Our caption wasn’t kidding about Fruit Ninja, though. This task plays similarly to it and cutting multiple pieces of firewood at a time will save you the seconds you spend here. If you’ve never played Fruit Ninja, you have to slash the logs by dragging or swiping your finger at them.

Try to time your swipes right and you’ll complete this task before the Killer could show up behind you.

12. Remove The Poisonous Flowers

suspects mystery mansion poison flower task

One of these things is not like the other…

Similar to the Recipe Book task, you may hover your thumb over each row of flowers until you find the flower that looks unpleasant. In emojis, it makes this face: 😠

Tap it and you should complete the task.

13. Find The Suspicious Footprints

suspects mystery mansion footprint task

I wonder where these lead…

Tap the footprints in order. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

14. Find The Correct Shoe Pair

suspects mystery mansion shoe task

What would you do in a world full of shoes if you ain’t got no sole?

Each shoe has a different set of soles. Start from the right or the left. After studying the patterns of the sole on the shoe compared to the ones left by the footprints, hit the magnifying glass button and you should be able to complete the task.

15. Turn The Lights On

suspects mystery mansion lights sabotage

Who turned the lights out?!

Be careful when pressing any of these switches, they react to the slightest tap. You have the option of accurately switching them on one by one or quickly switching them on with two thumbs at a time. While the latter technique may seem riskier, it can be very quick if pulled off correctly.

16. Diffuse A Bomb

suspects mystery mansion bomb sabotage


This task requires you to be at your calmest. Try to cut the wrong wire out of order and you’ll slow yourself down due to an electrical shock. Instead, first study the code on the left and then cut the wires according to the order presented. Panicking may only bring the Killer closer to victory since it only takes them one of their bombs to go off for them to win.

You Are A Guest!

chosen as guest in suspects mystery mansion

Like a lamb to the slaughter…

This is absolutely the most common role you can possibly receive. If you aren’t chosen as the Killer, you are a Guest. Here are a few tips on how you can (attempt to) survive.

1. Complete Your Tasks As Quickly As You Possibly Can

suspects mystery mansion arrow

Let’s get these tasks done!

Following the arrow you see before your character is one of the quickest ways you can complete a task. However, if you’re out to do longer tasks like the Fingerprint Task, you might as well complete that group of tasks before moving onto the next one. Not only will you be done with one of the more time-consuming tasks on your list, but you might also throw the Killer off since you will be all over the place.

If a blackout occurs and you know where your task is, perform your task first above all else. Even if the killer comes for you, you are a few steps away from victory.

2. Never Operate Solely On Hearsay

suspects mystery mansion discussion

You want the truth?! You can’t handle the truth!

If you’re trying to suss the Killer out, never operate on the hearsay of your fellow Guests. You will need to be observant and see who among them might be acting funny. Voting off a person solely on the hearsay of your fellow Guests may put the Killer at an advantage, especially if that person was actually telling the truth. Vote off another player after the first meeting since by then, the Killer’s actions should be more apparent. Of course, this depends on the Killer’s skill and cunning.

3. Don’t Volunteer Information

suspects mystery mansion chat

Nix is being awfully fishy for admitting to starting out…

Never give out what you know unless asked for it. The more you do, the more suspicious you may appear before the other Guests. If you have been asked a question, answer it truthfully and if they don’t believe you, you can always tell them that the team will be closer to losing since you’re not the Killer. If you have been accused, it could mean one of the two things:

The accuser might not have seen you around, thus they immediately assumed you are the Killer.

The accuser is the Killer.

4. Work With Your Fellow Guests

suspects mystery mansion guests victory

Hurray for teamwork!

Remember, as competitive as this game might be, the Guests should all be working together to win. The punishment for losing is severe since you will lose a lot of IQ points. Fighting amongst yourselves, voting each other off out of sheer animosity or dislike, or even mistrust at the simplest things could spell doom for everyone on the same ladder as you. Encourage your fellow guests to work with you as much as you could and if this group seems too hostile to handle, leave the room and find another.

5. Peek At The Guestbook From Time To Time

suspects mystery mansion guestbook changes

Uh oh…

Whenever you pass the main hall, always make it a point to view the guestbook. That way, it may help you deduce who might just be the Killer. Whenever you roam about and fix the sabotages, you will know who might’ve been there to help you out. If you’re observant enough, you’ll even be able to distinguish who might have been with you the whole time and who might have been missing while you and the other Guests have been busy.

6. Try Not To Follow Other Guests Around

suspects mystery mansion security cameras

Nix following Louie, eh?

Keeping too close to another guest while they’re doing their task could raise everyone’s suspicions on you. Lay low and find another task to do if it can be helped. While there is safety in numbers, there’s no denying that one of your fellow Guests might be slightly paranoid and think that it might be you.

7. Stay At The Security Booth When You’re Done

Much like the picture in the previous item, you’d be better off manning the security booth if all of your tasks have been completed. Not only will you be able to watch the Killer’s every move, but you will also be their distraction. Most Killers don’t like being watched and they’d do anything to take out anyone in the security booth. If they come to you after you’ve completed your tasks, you’ll be giving your fellow Guests time to complete theirs since the Killer will be fixated on taking you out.

8. Did You Die? Finish The Rest Of Your Tasks

suspects mystery mansion ghosts

I’m coming back from the dead…

You may also notice that there is an Auto-Task button that shows up while you’re a ghost. Turn this off and do the tasks yourself because the completion speed of this feature is quite slow. This will be good practice for your skills with the remaining tasks on your list.

Once you have become a ghost but you have not yet completed your tasks, you can still help your fellow Guests win the game by finishing them. Being a ghost is also more efficient since walls will not deter you. However, you will not be able to stop sabotages or perform your tasks while a sabotage is ongoing.

9. If You Are An Inspector, Never Reveal Your Identity

Once you have reached a certain number of IQ points, the Inspector role will be made available. Inspectors are Guests with a special ability; they can analyze and discern who might be the Killer. Their analysis takes three seconds to trigger on a person, so their subject has to remain completely still.

Of course, letting everyone know that you are the Inspector means that the Killer will come after you next. Any good Killer will not want to be discovered and an Inspector should be a big threat to them.

10. If You Are A Vigilante, Punish Only Those You Are Sure Of

Much like the Inspector, the Vigilante role gets unlocked after a certain number of points. Unlike the Inspector, the Vigilante has the ability to kill a Killer. If used properly, the Guests have a shot at winning. Unfortunately, killing a Killer before the other Guests may make them immediately think that the Vigilante is the Killer. If the Vigilante accidentally hurts someone completely innocent, the Vigilante dies instead.

If you have a hunch that someone might be lying through discussion, try attacking them. This role operates purely on observation and instinct and using it wrong can easily doom your team.

You Are A Killer!

chosen as killer in suspects mystery mansion


Perhaps one of the hardest, but also most enjoyable roles in the game, the Killer is for those who love to outwit and outsmart the competition. To prepare yourself for when you become the Killer, here are a few tips on how you can keep yourself from being voted out.

1. Study Your “Task” List And Think Like A Guest

suspects mystery mansion killer tasks

This should keep you busy. You know, cleaning house and not killing the Guests?

Know where your tasks are and stay in place to perform them. As much as possible, pretend to do them in front of other people and linger about as long as you think the task should take. That way, if someone finds the body of someone you killed, you can confidently tell people what you were doing last if they ask you and you will most certainly have witnesses to back you up.

But following Guest Tip number 6, keep following people around to a minimum. At the very least, really make it look like you are trying to do your own tasks.

2. Never Kill In Front Of Other Guests

suspects mystery mansion crowd

Phil was waiting to strike at this moment. But a badly-timed strike could mean the game for him.

This should be a no-brainer. While killing your target before another Guest is a high-risk, high-reward tactic, the other Guests may choose to vote you out during the next meeting if they were wrong. Keep your kills discreet and mysterious and it’ll be difficult for the rest of the Guests to figure out it was you all along.

3. Keep Self-Reporting To A Minimum

Self-reporting is a technique where the Killer would make a kill and then report themselves, making it seem that they found the body. While this may throw off many players, it can be quite suspicious if done frequently. Anyone who reports at any moment is always a suspect and this could even blow your cover.

If you would like to practice this technique, do it sparingly. The best way to do it is to make a report after one or two bodies have already been found. You can throw people off, making them think that you were on your way to doing a task, and you found the body there. It further shrouds you in mystery since nobody will figure it out immediately.

Do not throw accusations at another Guest, however. Throwing accusations certainly raises your levels of suspicion. You’re trying to cover your tracks here, not present them.

4. Take The Inspector Out (If You Know Who They Are)

suspects mystery mansion intermediate mode

In this mode, especially!

This applies to modes after beginner. Once you have a hunch on who the Inspector might be, zero in on them as they might be able to figure out who you are while you’re planting your bombs. Taking them out, even if it’s a shot in the dark, would make your job easier since ordinary guests do not possess the Analyze ability.

5. When You Cause A Sabotage, Join The Guests To Fix It

suspects mystery mansion blackout

There’s only one person who can fix this and that’s me.

After causing a blackout or planting bombs, join Guests in fixing the problem. Adding to your helpfulness might even cause some Guests to defend you during discussion. They can vouch for you if you were helping diffuse a bomb or turn the lights back on, taking off any and all airs of suspicion on you.

6. Spread Bombs Out

suspects mystery mansion map

Give the Guests an extra task.

If you plant bombs in different corners of the map, the harder it is for Guests to disarm them. More importantly, Guests would often shuffle and go together to diffuse the bombs one by one if they don’t want to be suspected. The best time to trigger bombs is when you’ve drastically whittled down the number of Guests in the game.

Key locations to place bombs would be the bathroom, the shower room, the woods, the bedroom, or even the security booth.

7. Wisely Make Use Of Trap Doors

Trap doors (otherwise known as vents) are ways the Killer can slip to and from rooms. While they are quite nifty in function, they can raise the suspicions of the Guests on you if used improperly.

For example, one Guest has seen you in a room and you decide to use the trap door to bring yourself to another room. If the same guest finds you there in such a short span of time, especially if said room is a trap door, they’ll be sure to report you. At the very least, using trap doors as a hiding spot rather than a means of transportation is safer since you’ll be able to take out anyone you come across by lurking in them.

Exiting a trap door should be done with finesse as well. You’d certainly not want to leave a trap door next to the last person you bodied.

8. Beware The Cameras

suspects mystery mansion garage cam

Big Brother is watching, but does Big Brother know that he’s being watched?

There are at least four cameras in the game:

One at the garage entrance.

One in the living room.

One in the hallway before the garage.

One in the corridor before the bedroom.

If you notice that any of these cameras has its red indicator light on, that means someone is watching you. You’d be better off taking your victims anywhere but the above locations.

9. Sprinkle Your Lies With Truth

suspects mystery mansion thrown out

Or this could be your fate.

The hardest part of being a Killer is to worm your way out of accusations. The best way to do this is to tell a bit of truth as you lie. Take this dialogue for example:

(SITUATION: You made a kill at the knife of the dining room, a room with a trap door and a Photo Reconstruction task, but a Guest saw you leave the room last. They find the body and accuse you of doing it.)

GUEST 1: I think it’s [You] who killed [GUEST 2]. Because I saw you walking out of the dining room.

YOU: No, I didn’t.

GUEST 1: What were you doing then?

Would you answer:

A. “I was reconstructing a photo. I didn’t see where the body was.”
B. “There’s a trap door in the room. If I killed them, I would’ve escaped.”
C. “I think you did it and you’re just self-reporting.”

If you answered C, you’re going to raise even more suspicion because you’re putting yourself on the defensive. If you answered A or B, you have a better chance of getting people to believe you since there is a Photo Reconstruction task present in the dining room and a trap door near the knife.

Always consider what might be present in the room you’re in and use your fake tasks as a guide to answering questions about what you might have done last. Going on the defensive and even immediately asking who did it the moment discussion starts could be a dead giveaway. Remain calm during discussion and be objective when you explain your scenario.

suspects mystery mansion garage

Here’s another sample dialogue:

(SITUATION: You caused a blackout and killed someone in the kitchen while it was dark. After that, you went to the garage to fix the blackout with another Guest. As soon as the lights come back on, someone reports the body.)

GUEST 1: I found [GUEST 2] in the kitchen and saw [You] running from it.

Would you answer:

A. “But I was doing my tasks.”
B. “I was busy turning the lights back on. [GUEST 3] was with me the whole time.”
C. (Remain silent and let the other Guests deliberate on the situation.)

We’ll let you figure this one out on your own.

10. Do Not Immediately Go After Your Accusers

You’re bound to get accusers one way or another. The moment you get accused, you’re not getting a target painted on your back, they’re painting their own target on their back. Any accusation thrown is automatically suspicious and you wouldn’t want to prove them right immediately after discussion.

If you happen to do this, everyone might immediately think that your accuser was right and one of them might just gun for the bell. Wait until the heat dies down and murder someone else. One way you can approach this is by sparing your prime accuser. Doing this may help you gain their favor if you are left with two last Guests, your accuser included.

Having multiple accusers is a different story. Your target should be the most vocal of them. The remaining accusers might even doubt the one you killed and it may throw them off. Ultimately if you manage to distract them with sabotage or your false kindness, you will be able to pick off your targets with precision.

suspects mystery mansion case closed

And that wraps our beginner’s guide for Suspects: Mystery Mansion! If you have any other ideas or tips that we might have missed, leave it below in the comment section!