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Super Toss the Turtle Tips, Cheats & Tricks: 6 Ways to Toss Your Turtle Farther and Get More Characters

Super Toss the Turtle is a new casual action game from GonzoSSM, which is available for the Android and iOS mobile platforms. This is a game where you can compete against friends and other real people from around the world to become the “ultimate turtle tosser.” And that’s pretty much what you’ll be doing in this game, as you use cannons, guns, bombs, jetpacks, rockets, and even nuclear weapons to shoot that turtle as far as possible. It won’t just be turtles you’ll be tossing, though, as the game also allows you to choose from different animals to launch using that wide variety of items. You’ll also have to toss ‘em around while dealing with various enemies and obstacles on the field.

This is a different kind of “sport,” if you can even call it one, and while this is a casual game for the most part, there’s also the wide choice of weapons and other items to use. So if you’re trying to beat more opponents and toss the turtle (or other animals) as far as possible, read this list of Super Toss the Turtle tips and tricks. And just as always, we hope that these tips will help you become the “ultimate turtle tosser” over time.

1. Know The Basics Of The Game

You can tweak the position of the turtle by tapping and holding on the screen, with the direction your finger is on corresponding to the direction you want your turtle to be facing and moving toward. That means if you’re holding your finger on the upper left corner of your screen, that would make the turtle move to the upper left. Likewise, placing your finger on the upper right will make it move to the upper right.

2. Use An Upward Trajectory And Shoot The Turtle Before It Hits The Ground

When it comes to launching your turtle, it’s best to launch it in an upward direction. Launching the turtle straight won’t result in a lot of distance, so launch it upward if you want to go farther. Another useful tip here would be to wait until the turtle is close to touching the ground before shooting it. Once you shoot the turtle, it will go back to the very same highest level it was at. Use these two tips in conjunction with each other so you can get more height from your turtle tosses.

3. A Lot Of Things That Happen In The Game Are Based On Luck

It’s true that there’s a method to the madness of tossing turtles, but the things that happen after you launch the turtle are mainly based on luck. Yes, you will have to hold your finger down on the right place so you can propel your turtle in the right direction, but you may experience random events, such as hitting an ammo refill after using up all your available shots. If this happens, use all your new shots once you get the refill.

4. What Should You Buy In The In-Game Store?

There are a lot of items you can purchase in the in-game store. Buying a new gun will allow you to fire more powerful shots, making your turtle hurtle (see what we did there) faster, and adding more shots per round. Buying a new launcher would give you more control when manipulating the launch bar, while also launching your turtle (or animal) farther, regardless of how you control the launch bar.

5. Buy The Right Stuff

The word “stuff” may suggest inconsequential items, but in the context of the in-game store, the items found under “stuff” are actually quite helpful – and then some. You’ll find a wide variety of items in this part of the store, and these items will allow you to shoot your turtle to unbelievably far distances. For example, you’ll find jet packs in the store – these are button-activated items that could really send your turtle far. Or you can buy the bomb and use it before the first bounce, in lieu of a shot, once again propelling your turtle to distances you may not have thought were possible.

6. How To Get New Characters

The new characters available in Super Toss the Turtle don’t do anything in terms of gameplay, but like many other players, you may be hoping to collect as many of them as possible. If this sounds like you, you’ll want to load up on shells, and the best way to do this is to watch ad videos following each round. These are short 30-second clips that will allow you to get more shells without effort, though this will obviously require you to have your Internet turned on while playing.

There you have it! This is our list of tips and tricks for Super Toss the Turtle. In case you know additional tips for the game, be sure to drop us a line in the comment section below!

Gavin brewer

Wednesday 22nd of February 2023

Howcan You get 1000000. In super toss the turtle for free

john wilks booth

Sunday 28th of May 2023

@Rickle Prick, my record is 3.5 mil and Im free to play also

Rickle Prick

Saturday 13th of May 2023

@Gavin brewer, use nukes and the wormhole thing I’ve never paid a dime and my record is 1.2M


Friday 21st of April 2017

I don't understand how to use the gun. I tried clicking it 1000 times, nothing ever happens. And no explanations in game.


Saturday 6th of May 2017

Just touch the turtle, it will shoot automatically.