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Bottle Flip! (iOS) Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Get a High Score

Bottle Flip! Is a new mobile title from the masters of casual gaming, Ketchapp. In this game, your objective is to let the bottle flip from one table to the next, and do so as many times in a row as possible. Playing the game is simple, as it is in all Ketchapp games – you only have to tap-and-hold to charge and release the bottle, while trying not to break your streak. And while doing this, you can earn gems, and use those gems to collect new bottles.

Of course, we should also add that you will also have to go for the highest possible score if you want to attain success in this game. And we should note that this game, like Ketchapp’s other titles, is from the “easy to learn, hard to master” school of gaming. So with that said, here are some Bottle Flip! tips and tricks designed to help you master the art of flipping the bottle from one table to the other.

1. Try To Land In The Middle

Want to get the highest possible score and get that high score in less time? You should flip the bottle in such a way that you land in the middle of the tables. You won’t always be able to do this, but just as long as you’re trying to land in the middle, you should be good. Landing on the side will only get you one point, but landing in the middle will get you two points. It’s all about accuracy and precision here, so make those jumps as on-the-money as possible to run that score up.

2. How Can You Earn More Gems?

Gems are the only form of currency in Bottle Flip!, and this time, Ketchapp has them color-coded, with each color earning you anywhere between one to three gems. But if you make it to a certain point in your run, you will unlock a bonus round, which would have you playing on one giant platform, with the only goal being to jump for as many gems as possible. Take advantage of this bonus round and jump for them while again balancing speed and accuracy so you can get as many gems as you could.

3. Watch Ad Videos For Even More Gems

Aside from playing the bonus round, you can also get more gems by taking advantage of the opportunity to watch ad videos, should it come about. That’s going to earn you 20 gems automatically once you’re done watching the video. And once you’ve got enough gems through the above methods, you can go to the in-game store and buy a new character. That won’t change the gameplay one bit, but you can at least freshen things up and add to your collection of characters.

4. You Can Change Gameplay Through The Game Modes

The game will allow you to select from different game modes if you’re bored with classic mode and want to try new challenges. Bowling mode will have you knocking down bowling pins, and your goal isn’t exactly to “roll” a strike each time – knock down at least ten over two rounds and you move on to the next frame, much like in the real world. Speed Run is similar to classic mode, only with a strict time limit that will really challenge your speed-and-precision balance. Stacking mode, on the other hand, has just one platform, but the objective is to stack bottles on top of each other and make the highest stack possible, instead of flipping the bottle onto as many consecutive platforms.

5. Practice In Speed Run

Speed Run may seem impossible to play compared to classic mode, but if you’re trying to improve your ability to rack up the points, no mode is better to practice in. This will force you to act quickly with a time limit in mind, while still hitting the middle of the table and not missing. Also take note that you will have almost zero margin of error when it comes to the longer jumps, and that you’ll have to start moving and flipping as soon as your bottle lands on a platform.

That’s all for now, as far as our tips and tricks for Bottle Flip! is concerned. Do you know more hints for this Ketchapp game? Let us know in the comment section!