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Pro Series Drag Racing Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Win More Races

Pro Series Drag Racing has just arrived for Android and iOS, and it promises a more realistic, more customizable, and more fun racing experience for mobile gamers. Like you can in other games of this kind, you can build, race, and tune your car to its optimum performance, competing against AI opponents in career mode, or against human players in multiplayer mode. Game developer Battle Creek Games says that this is a game that offers raw drag racing without the fluff, and shouldn’t be confused with your average over-produced side-scrolling pseudo racer. Can it live up to the hype and offer a racing experience like no other? So far, we’d say it’s pretty good.

Given what we told you about the game, this is a very intensive racing experience, and a very realistic one in all aspects. The tuning, the customization, the racing – they’re all as close as you can get to real life, and the game, like others in its genre, has a deep career mode as well as opportunities for you to win more goodies in multiplayer mode. But before becoming an expert at this game, you’ll have to start from square one, and this is where this Pro Series Drag Racing strategy guide comes in – we’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to excel early on.

1. Pay Attention To The Shift Light

Learning when to shift is one of the first things, if not the absolute first thing, you should learn when playing the game. Hit the right pedal once you’re close to the redline and about to start a race, but focus on the shift light more intensely as the race begins and your car starts moving faster. This is doubly true once you’ve got forced induction activated. Even if you’re far away from hitting the redline, shift gears when you see the light, as that’s going to give you the best timing possible when changing gears. Also remember that forced induction cars will have you shifting midway through the rev range, and not that close to the redline.

2. Get The Most Bang For Your Buck

In Pro Series Drag Racing, it’s important that you upgrade your car whenever you can afford it. But it’s best that you buy those upgrades that give you the most for the amount of money you’re paying – in other words, the items that give you the most bang for the buck. Look for those affordable upgrades that can get you good value, especially in the weight section. The Driver Diet upgrade, strangely enough, could do you a world of good without forcing you to break the bank; if you’re able to shed some pounds off your car, you’ll get less grip, so you should focus as well on improving your grip if you go for such upgrades.

3. Buy Tuning Upgrades Once Your Car Has Got Enough Power

At some point, your car will become much more powerful than it was at the start, perhaps too powerful given the other upgrades you may have. Once you’ve reached that point, you can then buy tuning upgrades. For example, the Nitrous/Boost controller can help you fine tune your attack whenever you activate this feature, while the Timing Controller also makes for a nifty upgrade if you’re trying to improve performance beyond making your car more powerful. And if you’ve got an adjustable gearbox, you can adjust ratios to further optimize performance across the board.

4. To Buy Or Not To Buy A New Car?

A lot of players enjoy these kinds of racing games because of the appeal of collecting new cars. But in most cases, it’s best to focus on the car you currently have until you’ve reached a point where the upgrades are too expensive to help you keep up with your AI opponents. Once you’re at that point, you can buy a new car and dial down on the upgrades on your erstwhile vehicle. That would require you to keep on racing and to spend your money wisely, while playing the spin game (more on that below) to add to your currency totals. You can also save your currency for a pro-level car if collection isn’t your thing and you’re simply trying to make sure you’ve got the best car possible, regardless of how much it costs, regardless of the level of competition you’re facing.

5. Play The Spin Game

As you finish in first place more often, you will earn more spin tokens, and the game won’t tell you expressly what you should be spending your tokens on. But we’ve answered that question for you, and the answer lies on top of the screen, where you will find the counter next to the ones for your gold and cash. Tapping on that counter will allow you to play the spin game with your tokens, and give you a chance to win more currency, may it be of the common variety (cash) or the premium kind (gold).

That’s all there’s to it. If you know additional hints for Pro Series Drag Racing, then feel free to leave a message below in the comment section!


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Thursday 4th of March 2021

make more power at lower rpms and have a flat power band if you make high power at the beginning though you will probably have a tourgue drop at higher rpms but its usualy worth it