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Super Senso Cheats, Tips & Guide: 10 Hints To Outsmart Your Opponents

Worms meet X-COM in this new mobile game developed by TURBO Studios and released by GungHo Online Entertainment America. Recently launched in North America, Super Senso is a turn-based action-strategy game, that’s compared to Advance Wars.

Available for free on Android and iOS platforms, this is a game that combines adrenaline and fun, letting players stay engrossed for hours with its nonstop action as well as endless possibilities and outcomes. We have some pretty cool Super Senso tips and tricks to guide you. But first, we present to you a brief overview so that you will know what to expect once you fire the opening salvo.

Super Senso is a real-time PvP turn-based action-strategy game where your objective is to destroy your opponent’s Senso-Gate in order to win the match. Challenge players from all over the world, climb up the global Lightning Challenge Leaderboard, and become one of the top 25 players to be able to win prizes and become the ultimate Super Senso player. Yu need to form an army of units and Super Sensos in order to beat your foes’ units and destroy their Senso-Gate, while at the same time, protecting your own.

The battle area is presented in a colorful HD 3D. The map is divided in squares, where units and Super Sensos occupy and move onto. Winning matches rewards players with opportunities to upgrade and improve their units. Cards provide additional bonus damage; one that is played right could turn the tide towards you or completely obliterate the opposite side.

1. Build Your Force Depending On Your Playing Style

If you already envision yourself playing a certain way, make sure you choose the units that fit your overall battle plan, whether you want to go all-out on offense, be conservative and defensive, or have a balanced force. Remember that each unit has its own strengths and weaknesses, and have its own special abilities as well. So, take those into consideration when building up your army.

On the other extreme, if you are the kind of player who would like to get their feet wet by first testing out everything, go ahead and do so. This way, you be able to familiarize yourself on how the units interact with each other, which in the long run would prove to be beneficial, as you are able to adjust your strategy depending on what your opponent has to offer.

There is fun to be had in experimenting and discovering what works and what does not. With nine Super Sensos and nearly 30 units to choose from, you would not run out of options and possibilities. Think about chess but with more variety.

2. Play To Your Strengths

Once you have figured out how everything works and you now have a strategy set, it is time to have a more focused approach to the game. Collect and level up Super Sensos that accentuate your strengths and playing style. Choose your upgrades wisely, as they do not come often. Specialized high level units trump a hodgepodge battalion whose parts do not go well together or are too weak to kill an opposing unit even when their forces are combined.

This also plays into the game’s time-bound turn-based system as you only have 30 seconds to plan your attack and move your pieces. Having everything mapped out means you would not be running out of time executing your strategy.

3. Cover Your Weaknesses

When I said to specialize, it does not mean that you forget the other aspects of the game, such as defense. Make sure you have a healthy balance of countermeasures in your arsenal, so that you would not get caught with your pants down.

4. Always Go For The Senso-Gate

Just like chess or boxing, being aggressive pays off as your opponent is limited to backpedaling and reacting to your every move. Being the main (and only) objective to win a match, nothing upsets and derails a player’s strategy more than seeing his Senso-Gate being attacked. Once you are in range, go for the jugular.

5. Collect Combo Cells For Maximum Damage

Accumulating three combo cells automatically gives you an additional attack – the epic laser. In order to maximize this, try to save two combo cells in a turn, then destroy as many enemy units as you can in the succeeding turn to unleash stacked damage.

6. Take Control Of The Squares

Another tactic taken from chess, take control of the most strategic locations on the map, particularly the chokepoints. This way, you limit the movement options of your opponent, thereby lessening the number of targets they can aim on.

7. Use Transports To Your Advantage

Transporting your units, whether via shuttling or warping, does not count as a move. In addition, you can bypass your challenger’s defenses this way. Take advantage of this by moving your units in this manner in every opportunity possible.

8. Protect Your Heavy Hitters

A strategy commonly used in MMORPGs is to protect your attackers with a ‘tank’ unit. This tactic also applies in this game. Do not let your primary attack units charge forward without cover. Make sure another unit that can receive heavy damage is on the frontline, so that it would be the one that would take the brunt of your opponent’s firepower.

9. Be Wary Of Area Damage

Nothing hurts more than collateral damage. Make sure that your units are not bunched together so that they do not get penalized with area damage if in case your adversary has that card on hand.

10. Speed Is Key

Similar to the tip number seven, speed is of the essence in a fast-paced game. Let your units with high movement ratings surge forward for the initial strike. This way, you are able to weaken your enemy’s frontline before your main attack force arrives.

We have shared these Super Senso tips to improve your chances in beating the other camp. Try them out the next time you play the game.

Did we miss anything? Do you have any strategies for Super Senso that you would like to share? Tell us!