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Automatrons: Shoot And Drive Guide, Cheats & Tips to Defeat Your Enemies

Automatrons: Shoot And Drive is another cool game developed by Tiny Lab Productions. This time, instead just driving various vehicles trying to finish exciting levels and avoid numerous enemies, player are given more freedom. Your car can be transformed into a powerful robot capable of destroying every enemy, and every obstacle, with a deadly rocket barrage.

This is an interesting game that will set you up against hordes of robotic foes, tricky levels that ask both driving skill and an ability to shot down foes faster than they can rain their hellish projectiles at you.

Although the game may seem easy enough, it can get pretty demanding at times, especially when battling a pack of robots and turrets that can shoot rockets and lasers faster than you can launch your rockets toward them. While in car form you can’t launch rockets, so you have to rely on your robot form in order to kill foes and destroy obstacles. Automatrons: Shoot And Drive is a very fun game that will bring you a couple of hours of superb mobile fun. And for all those trying to become better at it, we prepared a thorough guide that will make you a master when it comes to giant robots shooting tons of rockets.

1. You Can Transform Into A Rocket-Launching Robot

Yes, we mentioned this at the start but it is very important to know that you can transform into a robot at any time. Automatrons: Shoot And Drive is a game featuring a huge number of enemies lurking at every corner, not something we see every day in a game made by Tiny Lab Productions.

Transformation is done in an instant, and while in robot form you won’t be as fast as in car form, but you will be able to mop down any creature dare to attack you.

2. Timely Transformation Is The Key To Destroying Enemies

Although you can transform any time you like, it is better to wait for enemies to start shooting at you before performing the transformation. This way the enemies will have to wait a couple of seconds before being able to launch a new strike, giving you precious seconds to destroy them all.

When you are shot, you won’t be killed just pushed back. While in robot form the first hit will take you back into the car form, so it is better to wait for the foes to end their first weapon barrage and then transform and kill them all, instead of transforming right away and being forced to go back onto car mode as soon as the first enemy projectile hits you.

3. Enemies Can’t Be Avoided, In Most Cases

Another important thing to know is that, in most cases, you won’t be able to avoid enemies. So, as soon as you see one wait for it to fire the first projectile barrage and then transform and destroy it.

Also, most obstacles cannot be pushed back or avoided. You’ll have to destroy them by shooting rockets at them. Occasionally, you’ll have to fire rockets at a particular obstacle in order to push it away at you, but most of the time robots will just flat-out destroy everything they encounter.

When you encounter an obstacle that looks indestructible and that can’t be pushed away while in car form, just transform and start launching rockets at obstacles in order to push them back enough in order for you to advance through the level. These indestructible obstacles are usually huge and very easy to recognize.

4. Robot Form Is For Destruction, Car Form Is For Overcoming Tricky Parts Found In Level

Robot form is temporary, after a few seconds you’ll be transformed back into the car, so it is important to transform into the robot only when you know there are enemies lurking ahead. Also, robots aren’t that great in overcoming tough parts found in most levels, so it is better to activate robot form only when you stumble upon foes, or when you encounter obstacles.

Robots just can’t overcome steep slopes, so it is best to drive until you need your rocket powers.

5. Rockets Auto-Target Enemies

This is good to know because you won’t have to worry about targeting foes. As soon as you spot one just transform and start shooting rockets as fast as you can; each and every one of them will find its target because they are auto-targeted towards enemies.

So remember, shoot rockets as fast as you can. Robot form is temporary (you’ll be transformed into the car after a couple of seconds, or after you get hit) so make use of it as best as you can. And shooting rockets faster than a formula one car can go from 0 to 60 is the best strategy available.

6. Watch Ads, Earn Double Coins

It’s worth noting that, as with all other Tiny Lab games, Automatrons: Shoot And Drive offer double level prizes for watching ads. This can earn you serious coin so make sure to watch ads as often as you can.

Further, the game offers daily prizes so even if you won’t play the game every day, try launching it once per day in order to collect daily prizes.

7. Don’t Worry About Getting A Three-Star Rating

Three-star rating is guaranteed in Automatrons: Shoot And Drive. No matter if you get shot a dozen of times, or if you aren’t that good at causing chaos and destruction if you manage to finish a level you’ll likely earn a three-star rating.

It is worth noting that you can fail a level. If you are too slow in your progression through a level you’ll be just notified that a level is failed. So, try to be relatively fast.

So, that’s it, this was all the advice we managed to collect while playing Automatrons: Shoot And Drive. As you can see, each and every advice can be helpful, so make sure to read them all. As always, thanks for reading and happy gaming! And check out our other guides, they are also super helpful!