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Get Me Outta Here (iOS) Ultimate Guide: 11 Tips, Cheats & Tricks You Need to Know

Crescent Moon Games has released a new platformer for iOS devices called Get Me Outta Here, and the game gets its rather urgent title from its premise – the backstory here is that you’re a middle-aged farmer who’s been abducted by aliens, and it’s your job to blast through those aliens and get yourself back home. As any middle-aged farmer would when he’s abducted by aliens, you don’t have special armor to start with – you’ve only got a hospital gown and boxers, and as the game start, you’ve been able to get your hands on one of the alien weapons. How many aliens can you blast, and how long can you last before you get rescued?

The game boasts of an epic story with hilarious dialogue, as well as mechanics that include stringing together combos for high scores, outrageous boss fights that include a battle against your own cow, and different types of enemies, as well as power-ups to help you battle those enemies. And speaking of killing enemies and stringing combos together, those are just two of the things we shall be discussing in this Get Me Outta Here strategy guide, as we show you how to last as long as you could, survive those aliens, and complete this retro-style platformer by killing all the bosses.

1. Blast Away In All Directions For Starters

Although we did mention in the game overview that combos will help you get a higher score, you can start out by testing the power of your weapon by firing anywhere and everywhere you wish. You won’t be doing this all the time, but if you’re surrounded by aliens, this is a good way to exercise crowd control and get rid of as many enemies as possible. Sadly, the game doesn’t allow you to fire diagonally, but we guess Crescent Moon wants to keep things as simple as possible in terms of game mechanics.

2. It’s All About Lasting Until The Timer Runs Out

When it comes to the different levels in Get Me Outta Here, your goal is to survive until the timer runs out. Once the timer hits zero and you’re still alive, that means you’ve passed the level – don’t mistake this timer as a time limit in which you need to score a certain number of points or kill a certain number of enemies. We would recommend staying in the lower left or lower right corners if you’re looking to camp out and stay as inconspicuous as possible while avoiding enemy fire. While there, make sure you’re firing at any enemies who may cross your path – more often than not in the easier levels, you’ll end up surviving.

3. How To Keep Your Combo String Going

We told you in the first step that you can fire left or right, depending on where the enemies are, and that you should go nuts with your weapon in the earlier levels. Eventually, though, you’ll want to string combos together and make sure they last long so you can run up that score real good.

The game suggests that you can space your kills so you can keep the string going. That does sound a bit counterintuitive, to be honest. But it actually makes a lot of sense, and the trick here is NOT to kill all the enemies you see. Leave one enemy alive (or a couple more) so you can be sure you’ve got someone to blast at all times; if you’re left without any enemies to kill, that breaks the combo string! Make sure you’re keeping your eye on the combo counter, which is found on the left of your screen; when it begins to blink, that means it’s about to expire. Once you see it blink, make a quick kill and reset the timer immediately.

There are specific types of enemies you can leave behind and not destroy – we would recommend the prism and bug-shaped enemies. These are among the squishiest enemies out there, and while they tend to appear in hordes, they’re very, very easy to kill. But that leads to a bonus tip of sorts – you don’t want to let those hordes go out of control, as they could be a nuisance when their numbers get too high.

4. Different Enemies, Different Styles

As we mentioned, Get Me Outta Here has different types of enemies — they don’t just look different, they also have varying tendencies. For instance, some of the aliens can be big and slow, while others may be small and quick. Some enemies could fire back at you, while others won’t. Take note of these tendencies, and if you can afford it and you’ve got time remaining on your combo counter, take out the enemies that fire back, as they could easily get you if you’re not careful. And when choosing between close-contact and ranged enemies who fire back, go with the former, as these are the ones that can, and will approach you to get a better shot in.

5. Use The Roll

We guess the middle-aged farmer who serves as the protagonist in Get Me Outta Here isn’t exactly the athletic type. That’s because the game won’t allow you to jump too high. But that doesn’t mean your character doesn’t have any evasive maneuvers – you can still roll, and use that move to avoid enemies. If you’re rolling, the enemy couldn’t hit you – it’s a brief moment of being invulnerable, but brief enough to help you escape in most cases. But you should also be careful when rolling once you’re in the upper levels; you may end up falling down the platform, and that, just like enemy fire, could end your run quite easily.

6. Crates, Item Drops Can Help You

You will notice parachutes dropping from the top left and top right of the spaceship – don’t be afraid, as these chutes actually drop crates down to the platform from time to time. Shoot the crates, and you’ll get a power-up – a random one, but a power-up nonetheless. You can use these to help you defeat more aliens and last longer, so be sure to fire away once you see a crate dropping down from either corner of the spaceship. Typically, it’s a good idea to run around in a big circle to improve your odds of chancing upon the crates.

As a bonus tip, there are some crates that come with a giant skull on them. You won’t get power-ups by firing at them, but you will instead create a big explosion that could damage or kill any enemies caught in the explosion’s path. You may, however, get harmed by the explosion, so be sure you’re firing from afar so you don’t get caught!

7. What Power-Ups Can You Get?

While there are a few more power-ups beyond the ones we will be mentioning, there are some that are more useful than the others, at least as far as we see it.
Combo Freeze, for starters, is arguably the most helpful if you’re trying to rack up a high score. This temporarily shuts down the combo counter, allowing you to go your merry way without having to worry about the counter going back to zero and having to start a new string. This will come in handy during boss battles, though we’ll get to those battles and talk a little more about them in a bit.

Double Points works in obvious ways, and is best used once your combo string has reached an impressive length. Activate this power-up if you’re on a roll, and score a ton of points in the process!

We did mention earlier that your character isn’t much for jumping, but Jetpack gives you the boost you need and actually makes it worth it to jump. With this power-up, you can reach much higher levels without having to use the ladder, as well as avoid some attacks in boss battles.

Now speaking of those boss battles…

8. How To Beat Specimen 9

Yes, we’re going to help you defeat the bosses in Get Me Outta Here, and we’re going to start out with the first and least competent boss you will be encountering.
Specimen 9 is the first boss in the game, and that happens to be the farmer’s cow turned evil by the aliens – even then, you’ll still have to defeat it and withstand the bullets that it fires from its udders! (Yes, seriously.) In order to avoid the flurry of bullets, go to the middle level. Watch out as well for the missiles it launches as a secondary attack; your roll will be your best friend here, and help you avoid the missiles as they home in on you, but not get THAT close unless you aren’t careful.

9. How To Beat Uncle Greg

Uncle Greg is a big fat boss that, we’d say, isn’t unlike many an uncle in the real world, with his bulging belly. That’s actually his Achilles heel, and if you want to attack it, you’ll also need to head over to the idle level. Greg’s primary attack is a huge laser beam whose range spans the entire top level, then gets aimed downwards. Avoiding this can be tricky – go down to the bottom level and have yourself right in front of his feet. But be careful, as he will activate a shockwave by kicking; this would require you to go back to the middle levels once he’s fired the laser. The final attack comes in the form of debris falling down from the ceiling. Avoiding the debris is easier said than done, so look out for falling stuff and be careful!

10. How To Beat Bellatrix

The third boss in the game is Bellatrix the Mercenary, and his main defining characteristics are his speed, as well as his elusiveness. He can quickly teleport to new locations, and use his sniper rifle sword (that is actually a thing) to aim at you from a distance. After taking three shots at you, he’ll use his speed to move around all three levels, and take you out by ramming you, should you be in his path. There is a pattern here, as Bellatrix starts out on top, then goes to the middle, and ends up in the bottom. You can avoid him by waiting it out and picking the right time to sneak in between the levels. Essentially, he’s not all that difficult to beat, but since you’re dealing with a time limit, you also need to be quick. Make the most out of the few chances you get to damage him, but don’t run out of time!

11. How To Beat Mother

At first, you may think that Father is the boss…until Mother shows him who wears the “pants” in the “family” by devouring him. That’s where the trouble begins, as she’s smart enough to trap you in the ship’s middle portion. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any weak points, though, as you have to aim upwards to attack her core, which is in the middle. Be mindful of the black spike that emerges from the core, as that’s a signal she’s about to launch three spears out of there. Wait for the spears to get shot out, then try to fire at her again. Try not to be bothered too much by the smaller aliens that emerge from the left and right tubes, but be careful, as they shoot out acid blobs. Again, the roll will be your best friend when trying to avoid the acid blobs, as they can’t be destroyed with your weapon.

Rolling, yet again, will help you get out of a tough situation when the tubes fire a laser beam for the final attack, aiming along the ground. That’s because only one tube at a time can fire these lasers, allowing you a bit of wiggle room to roll out of harm’s way.

That’s all you need to know to succeed in this exciting platformer. If you know additional tips or tricks for Get Me Outta Here, be sure to let us know in the comment section below!