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Aero Strike Tips, Cheats & Guide to Get a High Score

Aero Strike is a new vertical 2D shooter from South Korean mobile gaming company Joymax,that is now available on both iOS and Android platforms. The game is set in a semi-futuristic world, where you control a ship and guide it to victory by shooting at anything that comes your way. It may seem easy but it will get really intense later on in the game. Become one of the best pilots in the game with the help of our Aero Strike tips and tricks.

1. Be Fast

The game will rely a lot on your reflexes. You need to be fast so you can react immediately to whatever threat you see. It may be hard at first but you will get the hang of it. Always practice whenever you have a chance, and keep working on your reflexes. Once you master the controls and your reflexes, it will be smooth flying from then on. The other thing you need to get better on is shooting. You can be good at dodging and lightning fast with your reflexes but it won’t do you any good if you can’t aim.

2. Grind For Rewards

The game’s single player mode has a very straightforward approach. The difficulty level is increasing gradually, and as there are over 100 levels in the game, you have enough space and time to practice. If you are not doing much multiplayer you can always go solo. Don’t get annoyed or irritated if you fail. You can always repeat that level. It is also a good idea to complete all the stages since it gives you rewards after you complete them.

3. Create Custom Formations

In Aero Strike you can get different equipment and drones that you can use to your advantage. You don’t need to worry about them getting hit because they don’t explode like your main plane does. You only have to worry about your own plane. You will be provided with default formations but you can arrange them to your liking before you play a stage. A good formation will go a long way. Always remember to check your formations before starting the actual game since you can’t change them once you have started playing.

4. Unlock More Ships

The game offers a wide selection of stages. The reason for that is because it also provides a wide range of ships and unlockables you can enjoy. There are several ships to unlock, each with its own set of attributes and designs. Your best bet is to always have a ship that is prepared for any kind of situation. Experiment with the ships and make sure you find one that suits your playing style. Remember, you can only choose what you like before the stage starts. You can’t do so afterwards. Also, don’t forget to enhance the different weapons on your ship. It will certainly give you the edge that you need in battle.

Brave the skies and aim for the top scores with the help of the Aero Strike tips and tricks listed above. If you know more hints for the game, don’t hesitate to share them with us below in the comment section!