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Super Mecha Champions Pre-Registration Now Open

Mecha fans are finally getting some love from NetEase as Super Mecha Champions – High Energy Motor TPS will soon be launching in Southeast Asia. The game boasts of Japanese-style 3D-colored scenes, manga-style cities and characters, and action-packed mecha brawls. Famous Japanese CVs like Tomakazu Seki of Fate/Zero and Sato Rina of RAILGUN lend their voices to the different characters in the game.

super mecha champions pre-registration

Super Mecha Champions comes with an assortment of weapons, including Plasma Beams, Seeker Missiles, and Flamethrowers. Players can use these to take down enemy mechas. They can also choose from a wide variety of mechas to control on the battlefield. The game allows players to switch between human and mecha form, giving a more dynamic experience overall.

The game’s pre-registration even runs until May 23, 2019. Those who sign up will earn bonus rewards as soon as the game is launched. NetEase will also give out more rewards depending on the registration milestones reached. Check out the list of Super Mecha Champions milestone rewards below.

10,000 Reserved Players Reached: Coin x588

30,000 Reserved Players Reached: Coin x888

50,000 Reserved Players Reached: Alpha Token x188

100,000 Reserved Players Reached: Mecha PB Card x2

150,000 Reserved Players Reached: Lottery Ticket x3

200,000 Reserved Players Reached: One Free Super Surprise Mecha Unlocked

Super Mecha Champions will be released on both Android and iOS platforms. While the pre-registration period has a specific timeline, there has been no announcement as of now regarding the official release date. For updates on the game’s release, players may visit the official website or Facebook page.