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Sci-Fi Battle Royale Game ‘Cyber Hunter’ Launches Globally on iOS and Android

NetEase has outdone itself with its latest battle royale release. Cyber Hunter is a futuristic battle royale where players can glide, parkour, and craft items from thin air. The game is set in a six-by-six square kilometer arena, and players will have to take each other out until only one remains standing. The arena gets smaller as time passes, and those who are left outside the safe zone will take damage over time. After months of development and testing, Cyber Hunter has finally been officially released worldwide.

cyber hunter global launch

Cyber Hunter has been likened to Fortnite due to its crafting feature that allows players to build barriers, camouflage, and even vehicles, by using energy. Players will need to collect energy that is scattered throughout the map, and they can spend it to assemble the items they want. Certain items have to be unlocked by leveling up before they can be crafted within the game.

The true genius in Cyber Hunter, however, is the parkour feature. Players can hop onto any wall or structure, and scale it like Spiderman. The ability to climb buildings freely adds a whole new level of strategy to the game. Players can climb all the way to the top of a tower and snipe from there. They can also ambush enemies by scaling the side of a building and jumping in from the top. The possibilities are endless.

Cyber Hunter has a level system that’s not just for show. Higher levels give access to better skills, including the ability to detect enemy location, summon a healing totem, or turn invisible. Players will have to choose which skills work best for their playstyle since they need to equip the skill prior to queueing in.

Another great feature of the game is the character customization. Most other mobile battle royale games are limited to switching stock faces and hairstyles. Cyber Hunter allows players to tweak minute details of their characters, including the shape and size of their eyes, change their make-up, and more. New outfits, weapon skins, and vehicle colors can also be unlocked for further customization.

When it comes to weapons, Cyber Hunter has the usual arsenal of SMGs, Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, and Throwables. While those categories seem familiar, their execution within the game sometimes has a twist. The Healing Shotgun, for example, literally heals teammates. Players can aim it at a wounded comrade and watch his health magically recover.

cyber hunter

Players can whip up a motorcycle using energy if they need a quick way to get to the safe zone. If they have the time, however, they can look for the different vehicles available in the game. There are regular cars, SUVs, and motorcycles. For those in search for something more, there are battle mechs, planes, and the legendary Dawnbreaker that comes with a destroyer wheel, guaranteed to strike fear in the hearts of those who will stand in its path.

Cyber Hunter is available for download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. For updates and additional information on the game, players can check out the official website and Facebook page.