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Construction Simulator 3 Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Build Your Dream Construction Empire Faster

Construction Simulator 3 is the latest simulation game from Astragon Entertainment GmbH. As an established developer for both Android and iOS platforms that has been active since 2013, Astragon Entertainment GmbH has published 9 games almost entirely within the simulation genre. Take Off Flight Simulator, the Construction Simulator games, and Truck Simulation series are its top games, with the first two reaching over a million downloads on the Goggle Play Store alone. Most of the company’s releases are highly rated by users in both mobile platforms which is why most fans of the simulation genre look forward to its game releases.

Construction Simulator 3 takes you deep into the life of a budding construction business owner embarking on a continuous journey towards shaping the city’s skyline. Along with skill and precision, patience and perseverance is a must for you to master the controls of over 50 vehicles and take on more than 70 unique and challenging contracts that will test your limits.

Though Construction Simulator 3 initially sends you through a linear plot to get to know the game’s mechanics and features, you will eventually be able to freely take on contracts of your choosing and freely explore opportunities on your own. Venturing through on your new adventure doesn’t dwell entirely on construction precision skills, as you also need to keep a constant eye on maintaining your assets and keeping your financial status up and running.

construction simulator 3 guide

If you have played Farming Simulator or the other Construction Simulator games, then you should know that tutorials in this game work a lot differently. As there are so many seemingly complex mechanics to know and understand, and as it can be overwhelming to those who don’t have a lot of experience playing similar games, tutorials can stretch as far as hours as you take the initial steps towards learning everything.

For total beginners, the initial challenges can be a little challenging, and although time always runs in the game, you can take as much of it as you need to get the job done. There are a lot of information you need to read through and numerous instructions to learn. Just take things one at a time and explore the menu from time to time to learn more on your own.

If you are having a bit of trouble following through the various mechanics and features that the game holds, then our Construction Simulator 3 beginner’s guide can be very helpful in making you understand the concepts within it better and proceed more efficiently towards building your construction empire.

1. Complete Job Assignments

One of the icons you will be tapping on from time to time at the early part of the game is the Contract icon at the top right of your screen. During the tutorial sessions, tapping on this icon shows you the objective or list of objectives you need to accomplish to complete the job at hand. As some jobs have a quantitative amount of progress level which can be measured, the contract icon will likewise have a green indicator around it which should clearly tell you how close you are to completing a task.

At some point, you will complete the initial tutorial sessions and be able to progress more freely on your own. You can press and hold the contracts icon to see the company jobs available to you. These jobs are categorized under campaigns, contracts, tutorials, and replay.

construction simulator 3 jobs

Campaigns deal with tasks that will help you progress further in the game. Initially, these will involve work to improve your home base or tasks that will help your learn every bit of machinery and game mechanics to know for you to take on every possible contract. Keep in mind as well that on top credits you earn from accomplishing campaign jobs, you also obtain experience points to level up and upgrade your skills.

Next to campaign jobs are contracts that you can take on to earn some extra credits. These contracts are time-limited in a sense and like campaign jobs, have varying difficulty degrees as well as different requirements. You may want to prioritize campaign jobs over contracts but in the event that no available campaign jobs can be accomplished due to financial limitations or perhaps lack of funds to purchase or rent a vehicle, then contracts are your go-to jobs.

For both campaign jobs and contracts, be sure to check the difficulty level which ranges from 1 to 5 as indicated by the muscle icon on it. Likewise, be sure to check the details of the job to identify how easily you can take it on with what you currently have as far as skills and machinery are concerned.

Although the first couple of hours in the game are basically one long and detailed tutorial, you will have to go through several more especially if you acquire a new vehicle. The tutorial option under the jobs menu offers quick and easy tutorials to follow for every vehicle available in the game. You can also venture into it before you actually decide to purchase a certain vehicle.

Once you have completed campaign jobs and would want to revisit it again, the replay mode provides a list of completed campaign jobs that you can do again if there’s nothing much for you to do. Keep in mind that every bit of activity you do in the game, including staying idle, counts toward the in-game day and month which affect your financial standing. As such, you should always try and keep your venture as profitable as you can by making the most out of the jobs you take.

2. Allocate Skill Points For Bonus Perks

While the activities you engage in Construction Simulator 3 literally become easier as you complete one job after another and gain more actual experience, the in-game experience points that ultimately lead to levelling up offers highly significant incentives as well. Just beside the Contracts Icon is the Company Profile icon which shows you how far you have gone as far as experience is concerned as indicated by the number and the green line surrounding it. The higher your level grows the more experience points will be needed to level up, which is why you should choose wisely when you allocate those hard-earned skill points.

construction simulator 3 skill points

Tap and hold the Company Profile icon and click on the skills menu to see the available skill points you have. On the right side of the screen, you can see 5 skills to choose from with each having a maximum level of 4. Each of these skills all lead to higher profits in a sense and are almost equally important.

Money / XP grants you additional experience points and money whenever you complete a job and is basically the most important one on the list regardless of what activities you engage in as you play the game. Business skills relate to how you do transactions in your business and whenever purchases are concerned, such as with vehicles and materials you need to get the job done, you will always receive discounts. Earthmoving Skills are more on an actual skill you almost always utilize while on the job as it increases the load capacity of dump trucks and similar machineries.

Transport Skills are all about discounts on delivery services and offers convenient means that make some of your tasks a little easier. Last but not the least is Wear Skills that come in handy the more vehicles you have in your motor pool. This skill helps reduce the maintenance cost of your vehicles and as you incur maintenance costs for all your vehicles each in-game month, it is also worth investing in.

In as much as all these skills are great to have and max out as soon as you can, what you should primary consider to invest on would be the first one which is Money / XP. As profits are your top concern in the construction business, you will surely be taking on contracts one after another. Regardless of how much you make after finishing each job, the amount of extra money you get which depends on the skill level of your Money / XP will be greatly beneficial and in essence makes up for the opportunity cost you may have missed had you chosen any other skill to invest on.

Additionally, the big plus you get out of this perk is the boost you are rewarded with as far as experience points are concerned. The higher amount of experience points, the faster you will level up and earn more skill points which leads to maxing out the rest of the skills a little faster. Feel free to allocate the succeeding skill points on the other skills once you max out the first skill.

3. Aim To Accomplish Achievements For Extra Credits

Every job you choose to undertake as you build your construction empire relates to the essence of the game centered on running a construction company as profitable as you possibly can. This is the reason why you would want to take on as many jobs as you can and likewise accomplish them efficiently enough to ensure that your financial ratings keep growing better if not at least constantly at positive.

construction simulator 3 achievements

Fortunately enough, Construction Simulator 3 provides extra means for you to earn even more money outside of the actual earnings you get from all the hard work that you do, and that is through the achievements system. These achievements revolve around the usual things that you actually engage in as you play the game and while some can be easily accomplished enough without you even knowing about it, some may be a little more challenging to undertake.

Just the same, be sure to check the Achievements menu which can be found within the company profile window. There are currently 78 achievements in the game that offer one-time rewards. Browse through each item whenever you can and strive to complete the ones you find easier for you to do so.

As a business simulation of sorts, it is very important for you to earn money in Construction Simulator 3 sooner than later as you will need to invest into a lot of things in the game to make your construction business a lot more profitable for the long run. As a concrete example, having more money early on may give you an option to purchase a new vehicle instead of renting it.

4. Always Take Note Of Your Finances

The last icon on the upper right side of your screen holds the Company Menu. By clicking on it, you will see a lot of items you need to look into from time to time but for starters, the most important one you need to constantly pay close attention to is Finaces which you can find after clicking on Management. As basic accounting would have it, profit is determined by subtracting expenses from revenue and information on your monthly income and expenditures can be clearly seen in this window. Initially, you may not have a lot of items listed in the revenue and expense report but as you progress the game and engage in more jobs and activities, it will grow a little more complicated.

construction simulator 3 tips

Green amounts relate to income while red ones relate to expenses. What you would naturally want to see here is a green-colored total summary which indicates that you have earned profit for the month. Relatively, you can also compare monthly financial statements on a monthly basis so while you would initially be contented with generating income each month, you should aim to generate higher amounts of profit as your company grows bigger.

Be sure to also expand on each list by clicking on the drop-down list on each item as some amounts you may not have fully understood during the course of the numerous transactions you engaged in may become clearer with a closer review of your financial document.

5. Skip Drive Whenever You Can

Construction Simulator 3 actually makes it fun to drive around the city especially with its cockpit view feature that only became available in this version. As each new vehicle also holds unique driving sensitivity and views, and given that the graphics of the game provides for good sceneries to venture around in, driving can certainly make for a quick relaxing break between tasks in jobs you aim to complete as you progress through the game.

In some cases, however, getting to where you need to be at an instant can speed things up a lot instead of manually driving from one location to another, not to mention safer if you chose to enable traffic rules before you started your game. The faster you can get to the location, the faster it is you can accomplish jobs and earn your income. Perhaps, depending on how much time you can dedicate to the game, utilizing Skip Drive to fast travel across the map can net you at least one or two extra contracts in a day.

construction simulator 3 skip drive

Take not as well that you can only use this feature to go to destinations you have previously visited. More importantly, using this feature to travel to places other than your home base will cost you money., the minimum of which is 500 credits. As such, using this too often will yield more expenses and trim down your earnings, possibly even sending you down to bankruptcy.

As a mobile game that has just recently been released, it may also happen that you will encounter some bugs while playing Construction Simulator 3, particularly, when you are performing a task that requires a little too much precision and can easily lead to disastrous turnouts, toppled packages, or even stuck up vehicles. As an easy remedy, you can use the Skip Drive function to relocate your vehicle and have it stand back on its wheels again. If you are working at your home base, you can also choose to Skip Drive to the same location.

Construction Simulator 3 surely is a complex game that really requires a lot of patience and precision on top of time and dedication to master. While there are still a number of topics left to discuss given the plethora of features and mechanics it can offer, this is where we will end our beginner’s guide. We hope that you were able to pick up some good ideas from the tips and strategies we shared and that you enjoyed reading it as well.

Again, if you enjoy the game and want to progress fast to grow your construction empire as efficiently as possible, be sure to spend a lot of time on it. If by chance you know or discover something we haven’t and feel that it is relevant to our Construction Simulator 3 guide and is worth sharing, don’t hesitate to do so and let us know your thoughts in the comment section!


Thursday 16th of March 2023

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Thursday 5th of January 2023

When digging soil tip a small amount of gravel on the dig site you will the be excavating gravel and double your money


Monday 25th of October 2021

How do u use the context menu


Tuesday 24th of May 2022

How do I get more jobs In level 1

Raven Witteveen

Sunday 1st of August 2021

I can't do special jobs. How do can I unlock the special jobs?

Richatc Goforth

Friday 2nd of April 2021

Trying to get Bluetooth contollrts to work on andriod. Ipega 9066 and ps4 both work on left stick for steering and some of the buttons have functions but can't get accellarator or brake to work from either right stick or trigger buttons. Tester apps show all buttons and axis work as rhey should. Is there a controller which will work or do I need to use an app to remap the axis analogue input to another designation. Why is there no propper remap setup screen in the game.