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Noodlecake to Launch ‘Golf Blitz’ Worldwide on May 2

Noodlecake’s Super Stickman Golf series is a worldwide hit that proved good execution is all that’s needed in order to create a great golf game. Instead of creating another sequel, the developers decided to make a spinoff that focuses on the multiplayer feature of the Stickman games. This spinoff targets players who are on the competitive side as it is their chance to finally show off their skills in an official platform.

golf blitz

Golf Blitz has quite a few tweaks that sets it apart from the original Super Stickman Golf game. The most obvious change is that the game is now played in portrait mode, instead of landscape. Players can now play with one hand with the new drag-and-pull control system in place.

To mix things up, the game also sends random power ups to all the players which they can use once they have enough energy in their power bar. Classic power ups like the Sticky Ball make an appearance in the game, but the developers have also added a few new ones to keep things fresh.

Since the game focuses on competitive gameplay, Noodlecake has promised that there will be no cheating and that the leaderboard will be free from fake scores. There is also a trophy system as well as a lot of customization options for players to be able to show off during matches.

Golf Blitz has been soft-launched in Canada, Ireland, Germany, South Korea, and the Philippines. The global launch is set for May 2, and the game will be available on both Android and iOS devices. For more information, visit the game’s official website or join their Discord channel.

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