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Super Dangerous Dungeons Tips, Cheats & Tricks for Completing More Levels

Super Dangerous Dungeons is an iOS-only title from developer Jussi Simpanen. The game gives you the chance to control Timmy, a little treasure hunter, as you run and jump your way through trap and puzzle-filled corridors. However, these puzzles are essentially obstacles like spikes and pits that could end your game if you run into them. The game boasts of retro-style graphics, 48 levels that include boss levels and secret stages, and even a retro-style soundtrack that Simpanen claims will remind you of Nintendo’s classic SNES console. And if the game name sounds familiar, it also happens to be the follow-up to the earlier title, Tiny Dangerous Dungeons, and the browser title called Dangerous Dungeons.

As you can see, those dungeons are indeed fraught with danger – the titles in the series make this explicitly clear. Now, we can keep you safe and have you completing more of them, with Level Winner’s list of Super Dangerous Dungeons tips, tricks and cheats.

1. If You Quit The Game, You Return Where You Left Off

Fortunately, Super Dangerous Dungeons allows you to “save” your progress, as quitting the game will have you returning to the room where you had last played, or any room you’ve already completed. In essence, you’ll move from one room to another in the dungeons, and if you get killed, you will start from scratch, back at the beginning of the room. Still, you’re free to return to the last room you played in if you decide to quit the game.

2. Know How To Control Timmy

Timmy, your little treasure hunter, can do short jumps if you tap quickly on the screen. Tapping for a longer period of time will make him do a higher or longer jump, with long jumps taking place if you’re running. Practice timing those jumps properly and choosing the right ones to use; a good jump can save you from death, while a bad one can kill you.

Another thing to remember about Timmy is that he tends to slide a bit once you stop. This has been a common complaint among gamers. But now that you’ve been warned about it, you can correct your movements by going slightly in the other direction to stabilize Timmy.

3. Watch Out For The Boss Rooms

The game promised boss rooms, and it delivers. Of course, that means nothing but trouble for you, the player, as the bosses happen to be quite challenging to deal with. You’ll want to be particularly fast when playing most of these boss rooms, or levels, though in other cases you can take it easy and not have to move too fast.

4. How To Complete The Time Trials

You have the option to do a time trial for the whole game, or you can do this time trial through all of a dungeon’s levels. Moving fast is definitely what you want to do here, but don’t move too fast either – as the saying goes, haste makes waste, and if you rush, you may end up getting killed needlessly.