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Parking Mania Tips, Tricks & Cheats for a Perfect Parking Technique

We all know that it could be hell looking for parking space, especially on busy days. While Chillingo’s Parking Mania may or may not relive those horror stories of having a hard time finding a place to park your car, we could say that it’s a very interesting and addictive game for iOS and Android mobile devices. The premise is quite a simple one – all you have to do is to park different kinds of vehicles as the game tests your spatial awareness and dexterity. You can play the game by tilting your phone or tablet, swiping a slider, or using a virtual steering wheel, and complete up to 175 levels that include parking lots and city streets. The game also allows for day and night parking for an added challenge.

Chillingo says that this game is easy to learn and hard to master – you’ve probably heard that so many times before, but the company is on the level when it says that. And we’re here to help you master this game faster, with our list of Parking Mania tips and tricks.

1. Choose The Driving Mode That Suits You The Best

Either way, you’ll need to have a basic grasp of driving in this game, may it be driving by tilting your device, by swiping, or by using a virtual steering wheel. Learn how to accelerate properly so that your car doesn’t go too fast. And when it comes to the driving mode, we suggest trying all three modes and sticking with the one you are most comfortable with.

2. Don’t Worry About The Small Mistakes

We would certainly advise you not to worry too much if you bump into another car or hold up traffic; that’s perfectly fine to a certain extent. Just make sure you remain focused and work towards parking the vehicles properly. Also follow the indicated path, meaning the yellow arrows, especially when you reach the later levels. It’s not just important to make it to the parking lot; you will also need to be mindful about how you reach the parking lot. Following the right path will become a mission objective in those latter levels.

3. Keep Your Speed Reasonable

This is not a racing game – this is a parking game. There is no need to drive at breakneck speed, especially if traffic is heavy or if parking spots are tight. Again, you want to focus much on parking cars properly, and not focus much on parking them quickly.

4. Reversing And Turning Properly

A lot of real-life parking involves reversing your car, and that too applies in Parking Mania. One rule of thumb, at least when using the tilting mode, is that your car will go right if you tilt left, and vice versa. And when driving a truck with a trailer, you wouldn’t want to reverse that vehicle if at all possible; trailers can be a huge hindrance while you’re trying to park.

When making a turn with a narrow road up ahead, it is imperative that you stay in your lane; veering into the opposite lane will have you penalized.