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SUP Multiplayer Racing Cheats, Tips & Tricks for Winning More Races

You’ve probably played your fair share of racing games on mobile, and you probably know how they go – start with a mediocre vehicle, defeat AI opponents on the drag strip and earn enough money to buy a better ride and/or upgrade your existing one, complete the campaign mode and earn more money and rewards against human opponents, all in hopes of adding to your car collection. But Oh BiBi’s SUP Multiplayer Racing offers a more casual, more social take on the usual racing game for iOS/Android – just as the name suggests, it’s a car racing game where you compete against real players in real time. And it isn’t your usual straight-line drag racing game; you can smash others off the track, make use of boosts, and also make use of jumps and drifting to get an edge over the opposition. And since this is a game that emphasizes the social aspect of things, you can send emojis to your opponents, winking at them (or virtually trash-talking to them) as you fly past them.

Like your traditional mobile racing game, you can collect and upgrade cars, and personalize them with different skins. You can also evolve your cars to unlock additional upgrades, and create your own race tracks. This isn’t your traditional “hyper-realistic” racing game where everything is as real as possible – it’s all about multiplayer fun here, and the only thing “real” here is the players. So read on for some SUP Multiplayer Racing tips and tricks if you’re looking to win more races against these real players.

1. Change Lanes Frequently, But As Needed

Usually, the first thing we would teach you in such a racing game is to know how to make a perfect start. Scratch everything you know about learning racing games, and learn instead about how the controls work. Fortunately, it’s quite easy in SUP Multiplayer Racing, as you simply need to learn two – the Boost button, and the button for changing lanes. It’s the latter button that you want to focus on at first; hit it if you’re on the left side so you can go to the right, and vice versa. You want to have a clear path ahead of you so you can overtake your opponents, so change lanes whenever possible, and take advantage of the situation.

2. Be Prepared For Obstacles

Take note, however, that you will also have to deal with obstacles in your way. And we’re not simply talking about the cars – there may be actual objects serving as roadblocks, and when that happens, you’ll need to act quickly and change lanes before you crash into them. Conversely, you don’t need to change lanes frequently while you’re ahead of your opponents; the only time you’ll need to do so is if there are obstacles ahead of you. Stay in your lane if there’s no need to go from left to right or vice versa, because changing lanes too often could slow you down unnecessarily.

3. When Should You Use Your Boost?

The average racing game only allows you to “boost” by means of nitrous oxide; this is usually an upgrade that needs to be installed, then upgraded. But you’ve got boost from the get-go in this game, and you can use it as soon as you wish, and if you please. Like NO2, boost will speed you up for a few seconds during a race, and you’re allowed to use it up to three times in a race, as long as your gauge is full. Of course, there’s a cool down time of sorts, but your gauge will take this time to refill itself. But when do you use boost? Naturally, you can’t expect great results if you use it willy-nilly.

The best time to use boost, we’d say, is when you’re changing lanes to overtake an opponent for the first time. Once you’re in second place (out of three cars), you can use the boost again to draw closer to the leader, or overtake them. And once you’ve used that second boost, you can use the third one once you’re in the lead, so as to make sure nobody overtakes you. But be very careful when using the boost; if you’re too overzealous when using it, you may end up hitting an obstacle, and you don’t want that to happen.

4. Push The Other Cars Around

As we explained in the game overview, SUP Multiplayer Racing differs from its competition by offering a racing experience on an actual track, and not a straight-line strip without any twists and turns. And you can also push other cars around, which is best done by quickly hitting the change lane button. This could throw off opponents by knocking them down, though if you aren’t careful, it could be your car that topples over, rendering your efforts useless. You can also boost while behind an opposing driver, and if your timing is perfect, you can send them flying into the air behind you. This is a good way to earn an advantage, and by that token, that’s probably why some players refer to their opponents as “enemies,” as if they were playing an action RPG/fighting game.

5. Complete Achievements For Rewards

Want to get more rewards so you can improve your ride and get more of an edge over the opposition? The simplest way to do this would be to place as well as possible, but you’ll need a good car for that, and to that end, you may want to complete as many tasks as you could. For example, the game may have achievements for knocking down a certain number of cars, drifting a certain number of times, etc. Those are just quick examples, but the bottom line here is that SUP Multiplayer Racing doesn’t skimp on rewards, and it will be in your best interests if you try to collect them by completing achievements.

That’s all for now folks. If you know additional SUP Multiplayer Racing tips, tricks or cheats, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment area below!