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Majestia Tips, Cheats, Tricks & Guide to Build a Powerful Deck

Majestia is a brand new collectible card game from Com2uS for iOS and Android devices, that boasts of real-time strategy battle mechanics. The goal of the game is to build a deck then use it in turn-based battles against opponents. You can recruit legendary heroes who are based on popular mythological and historical characters. The game offers several playable modes including the option to duel with friends and players from all over the world. Create the ultimate deck and aim for the top of the leaderboards! If you need help, you can always rely on our Majestia tips and tricks to ensure your victory!

1. Play The Story Mode First

While collectible card games have their similarities, each one has its own set of rules. Even if you are a card game veteran, it would still be best to spend a few games learning the ropes and building your deck. The Story Mode is perfect for this task. It offers several different game modes for you to test your skills on. The easiest game mode is, of course, the Beginner mode. It is practically the tutorial of the game. Do not skip it, though, because you still get rewards for completing it no matter how easy it is. The rewards include experience, gold, and most importantly, Soul Gems. Play all the difficulty levels in Story Mode in order to rack up on these basic resources before you go head to head with real players.

2. Balance Your Deck

A good deck is what separates the real card game players from the novices. Spend a lot of time building your deck if you want to get far in this game. You won’t have a lot of options when you start out but eventually you will be able to acquire better cards. When you do, make sure you keep your deck updated. Analyze each card you put in your deck to see if the energy cost is worth it. Don’t stuff your deck with high-cost units or you will spend a lot of time doing nothing during battle. Even just one turn where you have no viable moves can cost you the entire game.

3. Don’t Reveal All Your Plays

There will be times in the game when you have the upper hand. When this happens, it is a good move to keep your opponent scrambling to defend by continuously mounting your offense. Just make sure you don’t expose all your plays. You might be tempted to send out all your cards for a full offense but that will leave you vulnerable if your opponent was actually preparing to counter. Make sure you leave one or two good strategies in your back pocket in case things suddenly don’t go your way.

4. Maximize Unit Combinations

Whenever you can, try to summon heroes and units that work well together. This isn’t always an option since you won’t know which cards you get but it will help you a lot in battle if you are able to do so. A good example of this is summoning a ranged hero with a ranged unit. Doing so will allow both units to attack from a distance effectively. Study the cards that you have and see which ones have characteristics that complement each other.

Build the best deck there is and conquer opponents from all over the globe with the help of our Majestia tips and tricks! If you know other hints for the game, feel free to leave a message in the comment section!