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Oil Hunt 2 Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Complete All Levels

Oil Hunt 2 is a unique casual game for iOS and Android mobile platforms, that is set in a world of monsters whose favorite drink is oil. Your character is Red, and his dilemma is that no one want to go to his birthday party. His solution is to buy the friendship of his fellow monsters by offering a lot of free oil for everyone to drink. Your goal is, of course, to hunt the oil needed for his party to be a success. There are several levels for you to complete, each with a set goal amount for oil. Check out our collection of Oil Hunt 2 tips, tricks and hints for help on how to conquer all the levels!

1. No Need To Hurry

This is the perfect game for passing time. That is why you should not worry too much about completing levels right away. There is no penalty for taking too long in one level, nor is there any benefit for completing it quickly. There is no timer so you can just finish whenever you want. Just make sure you are able to gather the amount of oil needed for that level and you will do just fine.

2. Feel Free To Explore

The game features several beautifully crafted levels. That in itself is enough reason to walk around and explore for a bit. On top of that, however, you also have the chance to pick up random items on lying around each level. These items can be useful later on in the game so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for anything you can pick up.

3. Learn How To Use Your Pole

Red, your character, uses a pole to gather up oil. You need to drop it into an oil cave in order to harvest the oil inside it. The good news is that you have an unlimited number of tries to gather oil. Of course, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to learn how to use the pole efficiently. Practice a lot and you will be able to suck up oil like a pro in no time.

4. Gather All The Oil

Red needs a lot of oil in order to throw his party. The more oil you gather, the more friends he gets. Exploring is fun but don’t forget that getting all of the oil is the goal of each level. In order to gather oil, you will need to drop your pole into the cave. Once it’s there, Red will start sucking up the oil. Each cave only has a limited amount of oil but if you are good, you can gather all the oil you need in a single cave.

5. Aim For Achievements

The game rewards you for meeting certain milestones in the game. These milestones are called Achievements. Always check out the list of Achievements so you know which ones you can meet in the next few games you play. It pays to always aim for these as the rewards pile up as you progress in the game.

Throw the ultimate birthday bash for Red by gathering buckets of oil. Just follow our list of Oil Hunt 2 tips, tricks and cheats to complete all levels!