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Gatecrasher (iOS) Tips, Cheats, Tricks & Hints to Get a Super High Score

Contrary to its name, the goal of Scraping the Barrel’s new game called Gatecrasher is to actually avoid crashing into the gates. Available on iOS and Android platforms, this game lets you control what seems to be a ray of light as it travels through space. There are several different obstacles that will come up as you are flying and you will have to expertly gauge whether you need to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise in order to avoid the getting hit. Things can get very frantic as you go further into the game. It’s a good thing you can depend on our Gatecrasher tips and tricks to help you survive!

1. Practice Controlling Your Ship

The ray of light that you are controlling is actually a ship according to its developer. It’s probably travelling through hyperspace that’s why it looks like a ray of light. At any rate, you will have limited controls to navigate this ship. The game gives you two buttons – one to rotate clockwise, another to rotate counterclockwise. The sensitivity of the controls can be iffy at times so you will need a lot of practice if you want to be able to travel further in this game. It will take a while but once you have mastered the sensitivity of the controls and gauging the correct direction to turn, you will easily earn better scores.

2. Find A Good Position for Playing

Since the goal of endless runner games is to play as long as you can in a single run, it is common to find yourself getting tired as you go along. The best way to counter this problem is to find a nice, comfortable position for you to play the game. The usual position is to hold the game with both hands and assign a thumb for each of the buttons. This position is good for instinctively rotating left or right but can be tiring for longer runs since you will be carrying the weight of your device. An easier way to play would be to lay your device down on a surface and just use your fingers to tap the navigation buttons. This removes the load of carrying the device and you will be able to rest your fingers on the surface as well.

3. Patience Is Always Needed

Every endless runner game has a point where the players will have a hard time progressing. Unfortunately for this game, that point comes pretty early. The controls can be very confusing when you are not used to it yet, and that will lead to a lot of early deaths. Do not let yourself get frustrated by this as it will get easier over time. Once you have played a lot of runs, you will be able to control your ship more naturally. It takes a lot of work but that will make your accomplishments even better. Just keep playing and don’t let failure discourage your from trying again. Endless runner players should always have an endless amount of patience whenever they play.

4. Follow The Swirly Gate

Even though it is an endless runner game, the game actually has stages within each run. This marks the change in difficulty as you progress. You will know that you have reached the next stage when you see the swirly gate. It kind of looks like your ray of light only it spirals. It looks intimidating to pass and a lot of players actually die when they are trying to go through this gate. There is a trick to getting through this gate, however. All you need to do is look at the gate to see if it is swirling clockwise or counterclockwise. Once you have determined that, just enter through the opening and hold the rotation button that corresponds to the direction of the spiral. Not only will you be able to easily get through the swirly gate, you will incredibly cool while doing so.

5. Know When To Hold

Travelling through the normal gates can be just as tricky the swirly gate. You need to be able to react quickly if you want to make it. There are two ways that you can use to travel through the gates. The first one is to just use a quick tap in order to move towards the direction you want. The other way is to press and hold the navigation button. You need to be able to determine whether to just do a quick tap or a long hold. The quick taps should suffice for most situations. If you accidentally go in the wrong direction, you will have to use the long hold to be able to make it to the next gate’s entrance on time. Use your best judgement in order to travel further in the game.

6. Check Out The Competition

It’s one thing to continuously aim to get better scores, but after a while, you will want to compete with other players. If you want to see how you fare against players from all over the globe, then you will want to look at the leaderboards. Just go to the options menu then choose the platform of your device. You will see the highest scores from other players. Right now, there are some suspiciously high scores that show 99999999 but the developer is working on that. In the meantime, you can scroll down to see the more realistic high scores.

7. Learn The Gate Patterns

The game gets more difficult the further you get. The good news is that you can learn the patterns of the gates by playing more. The gates may seem random to you in the beginning. After you have played a lot, you will start to notice repeating patterns in how the gates appear. Learn to recognize these patterns as knowing them will come in handy when you reach later stages. It will be a lot easier to go through the gates at high speeds if you already know where the entrances will be.

Master the art of flying through hyperspace in Gatecrasher! Just follow the tips and tricks we gave you in order to get top scores!