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Pokémon: Magikarp Jump Hints, Tips & Cheats for Getting Shiny and Colored Magikarp

There is nothing truly impressive about the Pokémon called Magikarp, but that is actually what defines its character in the Pokémon universe. It can only jump and flop around, and is incapable of any moves that can remotely be called “powerful.” But if you’re patient enough, and we do mean patient, you can make great things out of multiple Magikarps, such as a spanking-new, freshly-evolved, and definitely powerful Gyarados. That’s just one of the things you can do in the breeding mechanic of the Pokemon Group’s iOS and Android title, Pokémon: Magikarp Jump. But we’ve already covered that, and we’re here to teach you something completely new in this game – how can you get those shiny and colorful Magikarp variants?

Yes indeed, this is a very casual take on the Pokémon universe, and we tend to believe that this game may be more appealing on a more enduring level than Pokémon GO – there aren’t too many unusual mechanics, and there aren’t too many Pokémon to collect either, and those things, together with the simple jumping mechanics, makes this game more appealing to the casual crowd. But since you already know that, as well as several other things about this game, let’s cut to the chase, and bring you our new Pokémon: Magikarp Jump strategy guide, which is all about evolving Magikarp into some colorful and shiny variants.

Step 1 – Look At The Sweat

When it comes to catching these rare Magikarp, the very first thing you should be watching for is the sweat. Trying to catch your average, common red Magikarp would involve the sweat appearing only once. But if you’re trying to catch a colored Magikarp, you’ll see two drops of sweat. You will see three drops of sweat in the rare instance you’ll get a chance to cacth a shiny one. But what’s to do if you want to see two or three sweats and not one?

Step 2 – Close And Reopen The Game To ‘Refresh’ The Sweat

Apparently, this is still a thing in Magikarp Jump. But you may as well try this trick out if you’re trying to make sure you see two or three sweats, and not just one. Simply close the app when you see that one drop of sweat, reopen the game, and hope for something better to come up. Likewise, if you see only one or two sweats but want three, repeat the same process; close the game and reopen it. Keep on repeating this process for as often as you like.

Step 3 – Try This If The Above Cheat Gets Nerfed

Obviously, what we told you in the second step is tantamount to cheating. That means the Pokémon Group may likely try to patch the cheat up and “nerf” it, or neutralize/kill it off. But there’s still a possible workaround you can try, albeit one where you may have to be very, very patient. After catching a Magikarp, go to the pond, scroll up, and tap on the Magikarp so that it jumps out of the water. Repeat the process until you see a Pidgeotto swooping to kill that Magikarp. Once a Magikarp dies, you will return to the pond to try your luck again, upon which we go back to the sweat-counting process. Rinse and repeat, but be prepared to do this rather often.

Other Helpful Tips

One thing you might want to keep in mind is that you may improve your odds of getting a rare Magikarp if you use a better fishing rod. But in order to be able to use a better rod, you’ll need to gain more levels, as that improves your chances of finding an improved rod to use to catch Magikarp. Such equipment will be more costly, but it will pay for itself through the better odds of catching colored or shiny Magikarp in the pond.

Talking about what we detailed in the third step, this can technically be done once, as far as catching a rare Magikarp is concerned. So once you’ve caught one, repeat the training and go through the leagues as much as you can. And once you lose a Magikarp, repeat the process we told you in the third step. Losing a Magikarp sends you back to the pond to fish once again. But even if you don’t get that colored or shiny Magikarp (or take a while before you get one), you can still take solace in the fact you can level up and earn diamonds faster.