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Sundown: Boogie Frights Cheats, Tips & Strategies for Smartly Defending Your Town

Chillingo’s Sundown: Boogie Frights (Android, iOS) is a unique zombie outbreak/tower defense game. How unique is it? Well, it happens to be the funkiest kind of zombie outbreak/tower defense game out there as it’s set in 1978, right smack dab in the middle of the disco era. You’re defending the town of Somewhere, New Mexico, and as you control each of the game’s different characters, you’ll be getting rid of zombies with all sorts of weird items – disco balls, in fact! There are also decoys you can use to lure zombies to their death, as well as different types of ‘70s-themed zombies to unlock, including rollergirls and daredevils, as the game promises.

Before stopping this disco-era zombie apocalypse, you’ll want to read these Sundown: Boogie Frights tips and strategies to help you defend your town and get rid of the zombies faster than you can say “dy-no-mite.”

1. Follow The Available Tasks

You’ll start getting tasks after completing the tutorial segment of the game, and you should always follow those tasks if you don’t know where to go from where you’re at. They’ll point you in the right direction towards defending the town, as these tasks may include upgrading your buildings, buying new ones, and more. You can also get some resources as rewards for finishing the Mayor’s quests or tasks in the game.

2. Go For Combos When Firing The Cannon

When battling it out with the zombies, you want to be taking your best shot at all times. Each zombie type moves at a different speed, so use this to predict where they’ll be going. Also go for combo shots at all times – consecutive cannon shots that don’t miss will gift you with a random power-up for the next shot. But what power-ups are these, and how do they work?

First off, the basketball gives your cannon shot a slight bounce after hitting the ground, which could be useful when taking out consecutive zombies. The electric shot electrocutes zombies within the target area, causing them damage over a certain period of time. Lastly, the spiked shot is like a conventional cannon shot, only it covers more ground upon impact.

3. Take Advantage Of The Zombies’ Tendency To Walk On Paths

Zombies traditionally avoid grass, but they have no problem moving along paths; you want to take advantage of this by making complicated paths that essentially force them to go around in circles. When designing those paths, you should also have some defensive structures near them, so as to inflict some damage on the zombies as they try figuring their way around.

4. Defensive Structures Should Be Almost Adjacent

In order to maximize the full potential of your defensive structures, you should place them next to each other. Some structures could throw zombies off their guard, so choose wisely when placing those structures together.

5. Upgrade Your Storage

If your storage cannot hold any more resources, those resources will go to waste. That’s why it is very important to upgrade your storage or spend your surplus before collecting any new rewards or dispatching Jimmy to gather more supplies.