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Sky Hero Cheats: 5 Tips & Tricks to Complete All Missions

Sky Hero (iOS, Android) by Kokonut Studio is another new casual and endless title for both major mobile platforms. As the game’s “sky hero,” you’ll get to leap from the top of the fortress, controlling your “courageous soldier” character John as he falls down and avoids bombs, saws, and an “amazing collection of other perils” and collects more coins. If this all sounds like a silly premise, it’s just what John needs to do to become a sky hero, and you’ll be guiding him through 60 missions and a variety of obstacles, including the ones we listed above. What’s quite interesting about this game is that the weather in the game is meant to mirror real-world weather conditions; for example, it’s going to be a sunny in-game day if the sun shines outside.

Are you ready to play hero and earn some coins? We’ve got some useful Sky Hero cheats, tips and tricks that you may want to refer to as you complete more levels in the game.

1. Avoid The Fireball

At the end of the day, the main objective is to make John avoid the fireball that’s trying to catch him as he falls. This fireball happens to have a mind of its own; it will move closer towards you as you avoid more and more obstacles. Fortunately, there are power-ups, such as the downward chevron-looking speed-up, that you can catch in order to evade the fireball.

2. Watch An Ad Video To Restart Level

Losing a stage isn’t the end of the world for you and your character. First, you can use one of your hearts and restart the level. But if you don’t want to touch your hearts for the meantime, you can also watch an ad video. After the video is done, you wil also be able to restart the level. We suggest using the latter method, as it’s important to have some hearts in reserve in case you find a level too tough for your liking.

3. Coins Can Be Used To Upgrade Power-Ups

Your coins would usually be best spent on upgrading your power-ups, though for 1,000 coins, you can buy the legendary sword, which allows you five swings (before having to buy another) to protect John from danger. Save those swings for when you really need them, so that you won’t have to buy another for quite a while.

4. Touch Or Tilt – Which Works For You Best?

By default, Sky Hero will rely on touch controls, meaning tap left to move left, tap right to move right. But if you find this method a bit too inconvenient for you, you can go to the game’s options and choose tilt controls. The choice is all yours – whether tapping or tilting, choose the play style that you’re most used to so you can complete more levels and collect more coins.

5. How To Get The Dragon’s Temple Level

There are two ways to add the Dragon’s Temple level in Sky Hero. The first would be to complete enough Royal Castle mission sets, which could take a while. If you’re not willing to do all that, you can buy the level, which is selling for only $0.99. A subsequent update will add the Sacred Ruins level to the game, and you’ll likely have to go through the Dragon’s Temple level in order to play it.