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Sky (Ketchapp) Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Complete All Levels and Get a High Score

Ketchapp is arguably the master of simple, no-frills, casual mobile games for Android and iOS. And in a rather weird, though interesting twist, its game Sky (iOS, Android) has one of the shortest, simplest titles one could think of for a mobile game, but an unusually detailed description and a more intricate gaming experience than what you’d expect from the average title the company releases. You’ll be controlling multiple characters as you jump over obstacles and prepare for some rather strange happenings, as in this game, “sometimes things aren’t quite what they seem.” For example, the description explains that your character will clone if you enter a green hut.

Overall, there are 100 levels and a “vast selection” of characters you can unlock, each with their own unique animated trail. This certainly isn’t the Ketchapp game most of us are familiar with, so if you’re looking for some help, we suggest you keep on reading for our Sky tips and tricks.

1. Start With Only One Square

The game’s mechanic allows you to jump and double-jump. Doing either of these things is simple when you’ve just got one square, but not necessarily so when you’re dealing with two squares or more. If you’re just starting the game, focus on one square, and no more than that; that should allow you to stay alive longer, as one square is all you need to survive.

2. If You Should Choose, Double Jump

Double jumping is great, even if it’s not necessary for you to do so. When you double jump, you have more leeway to make mistakes, and you can avoid any type of obstacle much easier. The second jump can be as long as what is possible; just remember to tap your display the moment you see that you’re on the way down.

3. One Point Equals One Gold

One thing to remember in Sky is that one point scored is equal to one gold coin earned. So if you’re trying to target a certain amount of gold so you can unlock a new character or a new shape, all you need to do is look at the number of points you’ve scored. You can get more gold by checking out the free ad videos after each stage.

Sometimes they’ll appear, while other times you won’t see any, but if you do get to watch a video, you’ll earn a thousand points easy, without doing a single thing.

4. New Characters Don’t Affect Gameplay

You’ll be able to unlock a new character once you’ve scored 5,000 points. That will change how the game appears, but it won’t have any impact at all on how the gameplay works. Though, we can’t stress it enough that this is a more intensive game than what Ketchapp usually offers, this is one hallmark of its games that remains on Sky. Think about it this way – playing as a new character breaks the monotony of sticking to what you usually use.