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Summon Monsters in New Coin Pusher Legend of Coin from Prope Games

If you’ve ever been to an arcade, you’ve probably popped a penny or two in a coin pusher. These addictive coin-shuffling devices pull punters in with the promise of a shed-load of change. But they’ve also made their way into the mobile gaming market. The latest entry in the genre, Legend of Coin, doesn’t just appeal to magpies with its stacks of silver. It throws monsters in the mix to make things extra interesting – over 200 of them, in fact.

Legend of Coin

Developed by Japanese company Prope Games, the game is the brainchild of programmer Yuji Naka and is a change from the platformers he’s famous for. Legend of Coin presents you with a coin pusher in two thirds of the display, and a battle arena in the top third. Use the touch controls to throw silver coins at the shelf of the coin pusher. Those that end up pushed over the edge go into your bank, and can be thrown again or used to purchase extras from the shop. Amongst the silver coins is the occasional monster. These can be collected, then summoned to fight the enemy in the battle arena. There are 200 in total to collect. If you acquire two of the same, combine them to level the monster up, making it a fearsome fight for your adversary.

There are also special coins mixed up with the silver. Monster Coins give your monster a single special attack against your enemy. Other coins impart bonuses too: Zeus Coins double your attack power temporarily, Gift Coins increase the number of monsters and special coins that appear for a brief time while Lightning Coins let you throw pennies without draining your bank.

See how many of the more than 200 monsters you can collect in Legend of Coin, free from the App Store and Google Play.