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Antihero Guide, Cheats & Tips to Dominate Each Territory

Squeaky clean knights are overrated. It is time for cunning and guile to take the spotlight! Antihero is a unique digital board game from Versus Evil, that’s now available for Android devices. In Antihero you play as a master thief whose heart is sometimes in the right place. The story is set in a gas-lit Victorian underworld. You will need to use stealth and strategy in order to conquer the city. Build your thieves guild from the ground up by infiltrating businesses, sneaking in to estates, setting traps, and occasionally assassinating key individuals. You will have to be quick because you are not the only one with sights set on the city’s treasures. Your opponent will be aiming for the same things, so you have to secure your territory before he swoops in. The city is full of dangers lurking in the dark. If you find yourself strugglint to progress in the game, then be sure to check out our list of Antihero cheats, tips and tricks for some help!

1. Prioritize Steady Income

Thieves need a day job, too! It might seem exciting to just keep killing and stealing all the time, but you will not be able to conquer the city with just that. Any decent takeover scheme needs a proper foundation. You need to have a steady flow of income in order to expand your territory. Work on infiltrating businesses as soon as you can. You will have more room for pillaging once you have control of the city.

2. Watch Those Footprints

During your turn, you will see areas on the map with red footprints on them. These are locations that are visible to both you and your opponent. That means you should avoid sending your units that way unless you are planning to bait your opponent somehow. Of course, you should also keep your eyes peeled for any actions your opponent performs while in those areas. It might not happen often, but one mistake on your opponent’s part can help you win the game.

3. Different Maps Mean Different Objectives

There are several maps available in the game. You can also play multiple games at the same time if you can manage to keep track of what is going on in each map. Regardless, make sure you focus on the different objectives each map has to offer. There are objectives that are common among all maps, and you are free to aim for those. However, if you really want to gain an advantage, you should also secure objectives that are exclusive to each map. For example, the Masquerade map lets you earn more points if you manage to swipe some invites to a masquerade. Stealing cargo, on the other hand, gives you additional points on the Wharf map.

4. Focus On Victory Points

The only true goal in Antihero is victory. This is easy to forget with all that is going on in the match. The game has an extensive upgrade tree that can be fun to max out when you are ahead. Do not let that distract you from your goal to win the match. While you are running around, chasing after upgrades, your opponent could be quietly securing objectives. The game could end before you even realize what is going on. Stay focused, and don’t play around even if you are ahead.

It is time to take over the city and obliterate the competition in Antihero! Make sure you follow our strategy guide to take down all your opponents!