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Hero Hunters Guide: 9 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Assemble a Powerful Team

Hero Hunters is an immersive new mobile title from Hothead Games that combines explosive third-person shooter action with real-time, team-based combat. The game comes with a massive number of play modes, guaranteeing hours and hours of fun. You can play the single-player campaign, clash against other players in classic multiplayer one-vs-one matches, earn tons of cash in gauntlet mode, or embark on raids, either alone or with friends. Hero Hunters is packed with ways to have fun, and while the game may seem too hard and a bit over the top when it comes to paying real money, it really isn’t. All you have to possess is patience, and you will be able to build a decent hero team in about a week.

When it comes to gameplay, Hero Hunters basically is a classic mobile third-person shooter that relies on cover mechanic. You can’t move your heroes except making them roll left and right, taking cover and avoiding incoming hazards, but you can aim and fire and this can mean a difference between a victory and a defeat, but we’ll return to it later in the guide.

You lead a team of five heroes, and each one is a member of a different faction. There are three factions – biochem (green), energy (blue), and mech (orange) – and each one is efficient against one and at the same time vulnerable against other, making the game interesting experience because by selecting right heroes you can defeat enemy teams way more powerful than yours. Since each faction is represented by a color, we will use colors instead of names further down the guide.

As for the graphic presentation, Hero Hunters shine in every way imaginable. Hero and other character models are highly detailed and so are different environments, animations are excellent, and textures are pretty sharp for a mobile title. The best of all, Hero Hunters offers three different graphics settings so even if you own a bit dated device you will be able to enjoy the game.

Now, we already said that assembling a decent team of heroes is possible and that you only have to be patient. Well, aside from being patient, you also have to play the game smartly and to spend gold just on buying new hero crates. And if you play the game each day, there’s a chance to buy one hero crate every three days or so, which is a solid rate of getting new heroes. Just don’t expect for this to be easy, you will have to do your best during missions, and to be ready to play with each hero from your party, not just to pick one and stick to them all of the time.

But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. If you want to find out how to be competitive in Hero Hunters, stay with us and read out guide. It is filled with helpful advice along with a couple of tricks that should make the game way more enjoyable to play. So, let us begin.

1. Save Up Gold For Hero Crates

Each hero crate gives you at least one three-star hero, and they can be pretty powerful. So, do not spend gold on getting more skill points, or to buy additional energy. Save up all the gold you earn and use it only on buying hero crates, do not spend it on anything else.

There are lots of ways to earn a bit of gold. Once you unlock Hard Mode make sure to play all the missions your team can enter because a three-star rating gives you 20 gold. Next, finish daily missions since they will also give you gold along with hero fragments, which can also be pretty valuable (more on this later). Look at achievements and try completing those that have free gold as part of the prize, and look for other ways to earn gold without spending real-world money. And do not spend money on piggy bank; there are other deals that give more gold for your money. If you want to spend money, wait for special deals and discounts; never buy gold for regular prices.

2. Grab Hero Fragments

By collecting enough identical hero cards, you will be able to unlock new heroes. And since some hero cars can be bought regularly from the PvP store, or from Gauntlet store, you have a way to get powerful heroes by playing PvP matches and Gauntlet missions. We recommend aiming for Matador and Mandrake hero fragments available in PvP store, since those two are solid two and three-star heroes. Also, we mentioned that completing daily missions give you gold and hero fragments, and the featured hero has three-star rating and is quite powerful so make sure to finish all needed quests each day.

3. Your Starting Heroes Can Evolve, So Try And Grab Enough Hero Fragments

Yup, your starting heroes, Ryker for instance, can become very powerful, but you need to be patient. We recommend finding equipment for them and getting them to silver level. This may take a while but is very rewarding. Next, you should hint for Ryker’s and Cross’ hero fragments because those two will get really powerful, stronger even than most of the three-star heroes, once they earn their second star.

Ryker has immense attack rating, and once you unlock his second special ability, he becomes an unstoppable killing machine. Cross has lots of HP and crippling special abilities, and he also packs a strong attack. Also, if you don’t get a medic, make sure to invest time and money in evolving Nightingale and unlocking her second special ability.

4. Always Have One Medic In Your Team

Medics are super important to have, so make sure your team used for the single-player campaign always has at least one medic. Even some heroes that aren’t medics by default might have an ability capable of healing other team members (like Halo) so make sure to read about each hero’s special ability to find out what exactly it does.

Medics are important to have during Gauntlet missions since heroes transfer their remaining HP from one mission to the next. But, we will talk about Gauntlet strategy in a minute. For PvP battles, medics can be helpful, but they tend to get killed quickly, so it maybe is better to include a hero with high attack rating instead of a medic. And for raids, you don’t have to bring a medic except you have one that is efficient against the target’s color.

5. Aim For The Head And Play With A Hero That Suits You The Most

When playing Hero Hunters, always aim for the head. Headshots have higher damage and kill enemies much faster. But, if you play with a hero carrying a mini-gun, then it is okay to just spray opponents without worrying about dealing headshots.

And this is where we come to one very important thing, and that is to play with a hero that is most suitable for your play style. Just pick one that has the best weapon for your play style. Whether you prefer aimed shots with a sniper rifle, quick sprays with a mini-gun, or the good old automatic rifle, it doesn’t matter as long as you play with a hero which you think has the best weapon.

Next, while we advise all to play with a hero who has the best weapon (best weapon for your particular play style), we also urge players to switch between different heroes, especially those that have powerful abilities.

You see, Hero Hunters is a game where you lead one hero while the computer controls other four heroes in your team. And it does a pretty good job most of the time. But, it does a pretty lousy job when it comes to activating special abilities just when they are needed. For instance, if you have a medic with an ability to heal all team members at once, they won’t do it if just one or two of your heroes are gravely wounded, usually leading to a defeat. So, as soon as you see that one hero is injured, switch to the medic and heal the injured hero. Also, some heroes can raise shields, and while controlled by the AI they won’t use the power until they get low on health.

On the other hand, we advise you to not include heroes with taunt abilities on hard missions because they tend to lose all their health once they activate their ability, and instead of saving it for special moments (like medics and shield heroes do, often ruining your strategy), they tend to activate taunt as soon as it gets unlocked. So, be careful and always be ready to switch between different heroes.

6. A Few Tips For Playing Gauntlet

Gauntlet is a mode available in Hero Hunters where you can get tons of cash, great for when you want to upgrade hero abilities. Now, the same heroes can be used at just one gauntlet level, so do not fill your team every time. Instead, we advise you to send you least powerful team on the first level of the Gauntlet and save stronger heroes for harder levels.

Also, watch the colors of enemy team. You can send a team that packs less power than it is recommended, but if you send a team filled with heroes that are strong against enemy colors, you will be able to defeat teams that are way stronger than you. So, never send your most powerful heroes on the first Gauntlet level, and make sure to look at enemy team colors.

7. A Few Tips For Playing PvP Matches

Classic PvP matches found in Hero Hunters give you opponents that have a team power similar to yours. That means you don’t have to send your most powerful team to battle because enemies will always pack a similar power to yours, no matter if you send your least or most powerful team of heroes.

Instead of playing with the most powerful heroes you have, pick a team you are most comfortable with, consisting out of heroes you like to play with, and made out of different colored heroes. Sending all green or all orange heroes practically is suicide because most other players have balanced teams, with all three colors included.

This doesn’t just work for PvP matches. Always adapt to enemies. You can see which colors enemies are for each mode before you start assembling your team, so make sure to assemble a team that has an upper edge against a particular enemy team. It is best to have a color ratio of two-two-one when playing PvP matches because that guarantees your team will have an answer to all three colors. You can send more same-colored heroes on PvP matches, but that will decrease your chances of winning a PvP game.

8. Killing The Boss Usually Means Beating A Level

Campaign, Raid, and co-op Raid missions usually have a boss waiting for you at the end of a level. And killing it usually means you will beat a level, even if you don’t kill all enemies during the last wave. So, instead of spending your lead and money on regular enemies, aim just for the boss and make sure to attack it with your most powerful hero. This will make you finish levels faster, and also will mean you will get higher average rating.

9. Collect Loot And Equipment With Quick Wins

Loot and equipment are received after successfully completing single player missions, and some missions give you equipment needed by your heroes. So, instead relying on luck, just check out where you can get a specific equipment piece and then just visit that level and get quick wins. Don’t worry about having enough quick win tickets because they are gifted in abundance. And don’t worry about spending all of your stamina because there’re lots of modes to play where which don’t ask for stamina.

Okay, guys, that’s all for now. We hope you find lots of interesting advice and tips in this guide and we hope that we helped you in constructing a mighty Hero Hunters team. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!