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Bacterial Takeover Cheats, Tips, Tricks & Hints to Destroy the Universe

What do scorned scientists do when they are upset? Use their knowledge to wipe out all life on the planet, of course. Available on Android and iOS platforms, Bacterial Takeover lets you take on the role of one angry scientist who is on a mission to destroy every planet for no good reason. To do so, you will need to cultivate and develop bacteria that will obliterate all life. Start by taking over smaller planets. Those that are too weak to fight your biological attacks. As you develop stronger bacteria, you can move on to larger planets with inhabitants that have better infection resistance. You don’t just need stronger bacteria, you need a lot of them. Produce bacteria by the billions in order wipe out even the most resistant creatures! If you need find yourself struggling to move forward on your path of destruction, check out our Bacterial Takeover ultimate strategy guide for some help!

1. Aim For Complete Wipeouts

A common pitfall for new players in Bacterial Takeover is when they hesitate to use their full strength in an attack because they are worried about losing the bacteria that they have built up. What you need to remember is that the factories that you use to produce bacteria are the same facilities you will use to attack. There is no point in holding on to just some of them. Make sure you build up enough bacteria to wipe out the planet in a single attack.

If you fail to wipe out the planet in a single raid, you will essentially be setting back your progress because you will need to start over. The only benefit you will gain from this is that you will get additional gene strands, but that is hardly worth the work that has been wasted.

2. Prioritize Your Passive Income

Let’s face it, you will not be able to sustain active production for 24 hours a day. There is a good chance that you will be spending most of your time idle. That is why you should prioritize upgrading passive production over active ones. When you upgrade your passives, make sure you aim for the milestones as well. Hitting around 200% in each upgrade will boost the overall output by a lot. This will allow you to produce insane amounts of bacteria without exerting any effort.

3. Choose Gene Strand Upgrades Wisely

When you obliterate a planet, you will gain gene strands. Each one will give a 1% boost to your Bacteria Per Second. You can spend these strands to purchase gene strand upgrades. Just keep in mind that when you spend them, you will lose the 1% boost that they give you. Gene strand upgrades allow you to improve different production methods. However, you only have limited resources, so you cannot realistically upgrade everything without sacrificing efficiency. That is why you need to be smart in choosing your gene strand upgrades. If you followed our previous advice, you will know that the best investment when it comes to gene strands, is still passive income. Choose upgrades that will improve your bacteria per second. You want to improve this any way you can in order to produce the massive numbers that you will need in later stages of the game.

4. Research For 24 Hours

While it might be exciting to get quicker results from research, you will benefit a lot more if you are patient. There are several options for research time, and the success rate of each depends on how long it takes. The best option for you to choose is the 24-hour timeframe with a success rate of 50%. This gives you a good chance to discover new strands of DNA that will boost your production even more. Going for anything less than 50% is just too risky to waste your time on. It will most likely result in failure to discover any new strands.

5. If You Want To Be Active

Of course, if you really want to go the active route, there are also several options for you. This means you have a lot of time to tap on the screen like there’s no tomorrow. Make sure you purchase the Bacteria Gun colonies to make your active life a little easier. The Bacteria Gun colonies will increase your Bacteria Per Click, so you will be able to produce a lot without breaking your fingers. In terms of gene strand upgrades, you should also go for those that improve your Bacteria Per Click. It is all about investing in the upgrades that will help you in the play style that you choose. Read all the descriptions carefully and choose the ones that will benefit you the most.

6. Look For The Red Bacteria

Once in a while, when you are playing actively, you will see some red bacteria. Tap on the red bacteria as soon as you see it. This will give you random temporary boosts that will help you progress faster such as increased bacteria per second for some time. The catch is that you will sometimes be asked to watch a video advertisement in exchange for the boost. It only takes a few seconds to watch the video, so make sure you take advantage of it whenever you can. This will allow you to improve your production even more.

7. Watch Ads To Get Diamonds

Aside from the red bacteria advertisements that will allow you to gain temporary boosts, there is another use for ads in Bacterial Takeover. You can gain premium currency called diamonds by watching ads. Each advertisement will give you 5 diamonds. You will need 50 diamonds in order to unlock an extra scientist. Extra scientists will grant you better evolution research methods. At the cost of watching ten advertisements, this is definitely a great way to improve your bacteria production. Just keep watching ads until you have enough to unlock extra scientists. You don’t even need to actually watch. Just play the ad and do something else for a minute or so.

It is time to take over the universe in Bacterial Takeover! Just stick to our list of tips, cheats and tricks and you will be destroying galaxies in no time!

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