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Summation (iOS) Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Solve More Puzzles

Summation basically means the total of something added together. And this is what the Lemon Jam’s new game is all about. In Summation you will be adding different number forming a total sum. Available for iOS devices, the game’s goal is to shuffle your way into a puzzle of numbers to win. Let us say that there is the number 19 on the board. You will be shuffling everything on the board to sum up to 19. Things will definitely be hard and most of the time downright confusing but with the help of our Summation tips and tricks, you can make sure you won’t lose your way.

1. Take It Easy

Just because it’s a puzzle game, it doesn’t mean you have to rush things. These types of games usually take time, and a whole lot of thinking. Don’t worry because the game doesn’t even have a time limit. You need to take your time and think things clearly. Take as much time as you need, from minutes to hours, in order to finish a game. Early levels will take a few minutes to finish but as you go on, the levels will get more convoluted. Just relax and take it one step at a time. If you get frustrated it will definitely make things worse for you.

2. Go Ahead, Make Mistakes

The game is forgiving when it comes to mistakes. You can shuffle all the wrong numbers as many times as you want and the game won’t punish you. That means you have two things to help you with completing puzzles in this game – time and mistakes. Whenever you play a game, try to think of it as a trial and error. Try something and learn from it. This is to prepare you for later stages where you will get a line of numbers and you will need a whole lot of trials to get it right. And once you get it right you will be granted the satisfying feeling of feeling smart.

3. Know When You Get It Right

Whenever you make a correct answer you will immediately see it. The numbers that line up to the correct sum will have a different color but you may need to reshuffle it to figure out if that it’s really the right color. It isn’t much but it is still a clue to the right answer.

4. More Helpful Hints

The game will be providing you with hints as you proceed. Every run, you will be given four hints you can use. You will know which numbers to shuffle that will lead to the right answer. Only one hint can be used in each level so you might want to save those for the really hard ones. Save up your hints until you reach the tricky puzzles. Use them only if you’re really stuck. Try to get as far as you can on your own. This game has an endless runner feel to it since you can keep solving puzzles. Though you don’t have to worry about starting over whenever you fail since you can save your progress.

Going through all of those confusing puzzles will definitely be daunting but if you just follow our Summation tips and tricks, you will definitely finish them all! Also, if you know any other hints for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section!