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4 Games To Play On The New Honor 8 Pro

It’s hard to beat the Honor 8 Pro when it comes to sheer gaming performance. The phone is equipped with a lightning-fast Kirin 960 processor and 6GB RAM to tackle any task you throw at it, while it’s cutting edge Quad HD display boasts stunning visuals and VR support.

You’ll want to take advantage of all of these fantastic perks, so why not put the Honor 8 Pro through its paces with a few of these excellent Android games?

1. Perfect for clickingSPACEPLAN

Let’s face it. Clicker games are here to stay, and some of them are actually fantastic titles in their own right. The Honor 8 Pro is the perfect device for tap-intensive games thanks to its responsive display and crystal-clear 5.7 inch screen.

We recommend Devolver Digital’s SPACEPLAN, whose beautiful visuals take advantage of the Pro’s display, while its clicker mechanics demand a speedy response time.

2. Stunning visualsMonument Valley

The Pro’s Quad HD display is capable of advanced colour management, which really works to make games pop visually, allowing you to soak in every little detail.

Monument Valley remains one of the most gorgeous mobile games on the market, and the Honor 8 Pro will serve this game’s gorgeous environments quite well.

3. Lagging solutionsBrothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Lag is the bane of gamers everywhere. The Honor 8 Pro seeks to eliminate lag for good with its Vulcan API and wicked fast graphics processing power. The 8-core Kirin 960 processor will cut through lag like butter, too.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons was gorgeous when it initially launched on PC and consoles. Its mobile iteration is no different — this is one of the most demanding games for Android. The Honor 8 Pro will be able to handle it with no problems thanks to its impressive processing power.

4. Epic playing timeStar Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

The Honor 8 Pro has up to 1.5 days of battery life at full load, meaning you can sink plenty of time into gaming before you have to tether yourself to an outlet. It’s the perfect phone if you do a lot of gaming on the go.

A 40 hour game is definitely the best way to see how far you can make the battery life stretch. Knights of the Old Republic is one of the best RPG ports for Android, and one of the most well-loved western RPGs in recent memory.