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Pokémon Magikarp Jump Cheats, Tips & Hints to Get More Coins

Notorious for being the most pathetic Pokémon there is, the Magikarp finally gets the attention it deserves as The Pokemon Company has just launched Pokémon Magikarp Jump! Available on iOS and Android platforms, this game is about training your Magikarp. Things can get pretty hard while starting out but collecting more coins will make training your Magikarp easier. Training regimes and food can be upgraded with coins. Each piece of upgrade provides your Magikarp with more JP every time you train, along with a food piece. On top of that, you will also receive a support candy as a bonus for each levelling milestone. If you want to know how to collect more coins for your training, then you should check out our Pokémon Magikarp Jump tips and tricks for some help!

1. Know When To Use Gold Pokeballs

The gold pokeballs that will appear in your pond will grant you coins. You can maximize your profit from this by keeping them for a bit and waiting for the right time to use them. These gold pokeballs will not disappear when you move to a new generation. The pokeballs will continue to float around in the pond until you open them so don’t worry about holding off. The thing here is that you will need to avoid them when your Magikarp is hungry. Try to avoid the gold pokeballs or you will end up wasting your opportunity to get more coins. The gold pokeballs are crucial to your income so protect them at all costs.

2. Look For The Gold Pattern

Every Magikarp has their own individual bonuses that grants a number of JP or coins gain. Most Magikarp offers a JP bonus, and others give coins while you are taking care of them. And then, there are those gold pattern Magikarps, or the shiny ones. They will make hoarding your gold pokeballs really worth it. They will maximize your profit from gold pokeballs so try to look for a Magikarp with this coin multiplier. You can find also find a non-shiny Magikarp that has a coin multiplier but getting a shiny one is better. Try to get a shiny one if you can.

3. Open Balls With Magikarp Coin Bonuses

Now this is where things get crazy with coins. Once you have a lot of balls floating around, and a Magikarp with a coin bonus, you will want to open all the amassed pokeballs along with him. This will grant you every coin there is. That’s the ultimate coin farming method. After that, you can choose a proper regime for your Magikarp that will provide him with the best care and training out there. It will take a while to find a Magikarp with a coin multiplier though. That is why once you do find one it will be easy from then on. It will provide you all the coins you need to make your life easier.

Training your Magikarp will need a whole lot of cash, especially when all they know is to splash around. Just follow our list of Pokémon Magikarp Jump tips and tricks we gave you and you’ll be swimming in coins in no time! In additional, if you need some general tips for the game, be sure to head over to our comprehensive Pokémon Magikarp Jump strategy guide!