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Race for the Galaxy Tips, Cheats & Tricks: 7 Hints You Need to Know

Race For the Galaxy is a new strategy card game brought to Android and iOS devices by game developer Temple Gates. Based on the award-winning card game that has been around for ten years, this game will keep you hooked for hours. The goal of the game is to expand your empire’s territory by playing your cards strategically. You can choose to invest in exploration in order to discover new areas more quickly, or invest in military resources to prevent your opponents from conquering new land. You have the option to play on your own against AI, or test your skills against up to three other players. Make sure you check out our Race For the Galaxy strategy guide for some help in expanding your empire!

1. Always Have A Plan

Just to be clear, having one very strong card and waiting for it to come up is not a plan. If you want to succeed in this game, you have to be able to maximize the use of every single card you have. Whenever you make a play, you should always have the possibilities planned out. You can’t just keep plopping down random cards and hope for the best. Study your cards well so you will be able to come up with strategies regardless of which card you draw.

2. Learn To Adapt

Having a plan is one thing. But knowing when to abandon that plan and start a new one is a whole different thing altogether. The game will sometimes give you advice on which strategies you can use in certain situations. Feel free to follow those strategies as they can be useful in most fights. Do not, however, follow them blindly. If things start going south, you have to be able to assess the situation and come up with an alternative plan quickly. You cannot plan for everything, especially if you are playing against multiple players. You can expect that they will do whatever it takes to derail your plans. When that happens, you must be prepared to change strategies in the blink of an eye.

3. Sort Your Cards

Cards will be drawn at random so you will never know which ones you will get. That is why you should make a mental note of which cards you will use, and which ones you will trade or consume, as soon as you draw them. This is all part of planning your game strategy. If you just hold on to a bunch of expensive cards that don’t really work together, you will find yourself stuck with no viable moves. Just choose two or three cards for your strategy then use the rest for when you need to get a more expensive card. This way, you will always have a balanced hand no matter how the game plays out.

4. Prepare For The Long Game

Unlike other card games wherein you just beat each other up with monster cards, this game is all about expanding territories. That means it will take more than brute force to win this game. You should have the patience to build up your strategy. When you start a game, work on setting up your plays instead of blindly going on the offensive. This will help ensure that you will have a good momentum as the game progresses. Consume or trade extra cards a few times before you start making plays. You want to make sure you have enough to see your strategy to the end.

5. Think Of Alternative Routes

Always remember not to put all your eggs in the same basket. That means you should avoid on focusing your cards on a single strategy. For example, if you go through a pure military route, it will be easy for your opponents to shoot down your strategy because they will know exactly how to counter your plays. Stay one step ahead of your opponents by always have back up options for your plays, just in case your original plan does not work out. Keep your strategies flexible so you won’t fall too far behind if your first strategy fails.

6. Empty Hands Can’t Bluff

There will come a time when you really can’t find a good strategy because you keep getting bad hands. When this happens, make sure you don’t throw everything out in the hopes of getting better cards later on. You want to avoid having an empty hand at all costs. Your opponents will know that you have no plays left if your hand is empty. This will give them the go signal to take advantage of the situation and push for bolder plays. Hold on to a few cards so you can at least bluff them into thinking that you can still counter their tactics. If you do end up with an empty hand somehow, make sure you recover within a round or you will lose the game for sure.

7. Expect The Unexpected

The more players there are, the more frantic the game can be. You will never know how things will go when there are multiple competing sides. That is why you should always be prepared for any scenario. It is a good idea to always have a Development and a World card handy. These cards can be the basis of your strategy if you can build around them well. If another player tries to take away a card you need to trade, then you should think about choosing Consume/Trade during the same round as well. You cannot stop the card from being taken away but you will at least have the chance to get something out of it in return. If you are lucky, you might even get a better outcome from doing this. Learn how to counter your opponent’s moves, or at least minimize the damage when they go on the offensive. If you keep deflecting their plays, you will eventually win the game.

Expand your empire and conquer the universe in Race For the Galaxy! Just follow the strategy guide above to secure your victory! If you know additional tips or tricks for the game, let us know in the comment area below!